Are Bloggers Only Writing for Other Bloggers?

If I post every day, do things on my blog change? If I post every day, do my numbers grow? By numbers we are talking engagement, followers, comments, and that ultimate Blogger-Heaven of Good Pagehits. Bloggers (including me) are trying to answer these questions for themselves during a time when we can find a lot of support from a community where others are also striving towards the same goals. We all hold hands and jump off the blogger-edge together. Thelma & Louise style. Sorta. Yet we are 10 days in to NaBloPoMo (give or take), and I find myself asking a BIGGER question: As bloggers, are we only talking to ourselves? ...more
Great questions!  I have been blogging since February this year and truthfully this month is the ...more

Blogging Questions

Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine. ~Robert...more
I found that the very few bloghops I've participated in counted negatively in regards to my ...more

Monday Weigh-In

New post on my blog with this week's weigh in and a question regarding photography in food/recipe blogging. Monday Weigh In  Excerpt:  1.5 pounds! ...more