3 Blogging Lessons From Hard-News Journalism

Have you ever wanted to write about current events or history but weren't sure where to start? Journalist Kevin Haldeman's blog, “Every Single Word is True” breaks most blogging rules, yet his experience covering war zones, serial murders, chronically ghettoized areas, and mental illness has landed his articles in the pages of The Rolling Stone, Vibe, Harper's, New York Times Magazine and many other publications. ...more

Social media strategies to achieve success in 2016

Every business initiates by defining their vision and mission. It is a goal set by the organisation which they aim to make. To accomplish their objective, they lay out a mix of strategies; strategies are very critical as they are designed to support the vision and mission. One of the strategies of business includes marketing. Nowadays there are arrays of mediums available for marketing, and one such is social media. ...more

How you grow your social presence?

What do I do to increase my presence on the internet?I receive this question a lot.Well, I just spend my time promoting myself everywhere, on Facebook groups, on my Facebook fan page, on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so on.Maybe too much time. I share my blog posts on my channels and hope to gain some new followers and interactions....more

When Your Blog Becomes Too Much to Handle

There are moments when my blogging life feels like a pressure cooker. When this happens, I know it's time to take a social media break. I disappear from my online life for a day or two and focus on what renews me: my family, my friends, exercise, my kitchen, my books, my movie time....more
Cheryl Rick Klein  This makes me happy. This is why I love to write, to submit, to connect. The ...more

Facebook Redefines Meaning of a True Friend

Facebook’s “people you may know” feature is alternatingly annoying and creepy.The SOTFs (Same Old Tired Faces) dance across my screen daily, urging me to send “friend requests” to people with whom I have little in common, have never heard of or, in some cases, have made a point of not engaging.Yes, I know “Frank” and I have 59 mutual friends, so Facebook figures we must know each other. But we don’t. Never met him in person or online. As far as I can tell, we’ve never even commented on the same posts. Not friending Frank....more
What a great piece! You carefully convey what I believe is a universal "creep" factor that we ...more

How I Went From Hating Selfies to Loving Them

Today I'm going to address the selfie movement. I will be the first to admit that I used to hate the selfie. I would make fun of those who posted selfie after selfie. I bought into those articles that said people who took selfies suffered from narcissism or a mental disorder. Before you hate on my (past) selfie-hating self (wow, that was a mouthful), I'm happy to report that not only do I no longer hate them, but I actually take them. So how did I go from hating on selfies to partaking? ...more
I have no opinion on selfies of others. I usually get a kick out of seeing them. There will, ...more

Update On Previous Post-It Takes Just One

Rebecca WaldenOnce again Social Media has proved that it can get attention of the news media.  Today at five p.m.  an Atlanta Georgia news team, will cover the story, about what has happened at our local Walmart store in  Blue Ridge Georgia, my hometown.  Thanks to Facebook and to all that have shared this story.  As for James, I hope this is a "Blessed Day" for you and for all of us.  ...more

Social Media for Babies?

Recently a good friend posted a photo of her newborn on social media. I was really struggling with my infertility that day, and seeing the post sent me into a downward spiral. I resolved not to post photos like that if I’m lucky enough to have a child one day. But after the hard feelings dissipated a bit, I realized I’d never keep that promise. I’ve already posted photos of all six of the embryos we’ve transferred over the course of our treatments. Had any of them resulted in births, I’d be guilty of sharing my child’s life on the internet from conception!...more

30 Small Steps to Grow Your Blog

Growing your blog doesn't happen overnight or in the course of 30 days, but it happens in small steps every day. Most will take 10-15 minutes, tops. That sounds doable, right? Join me! This post has some great actions and below you will find links to 30 posts with 30 small steps. Try doing them in 30 days or just try doing them as you can. Want to connect with other bloggers hoping to grow?? Join the Facebook group! Growing your blog is ALL about connections. ...more
Thanks for the tips!  A conference or class sounds like a good investment. I'm just in my third ...more