Gain Followers & Increase Brand Awareness with a Scavenger Hunt

 Gain Followers & Increase Brand Awareness with a Scavenger HuntLike it or not, we're surrounded and rely on digital devices, which is increasing due to the smartphone and digital tablet explosion.  Even watches are small ready to use computers!...more

Five Favorite Websites to Visit

We all have websites we visit on the regular, our virtual go-to's for information, entertainment, and communication. Today I'm going to share five of my favorites and what draws me to visit them.  Besides the obvious sites, and my personal blog, below are my five other favorites:1. The Pioneer Woman ...more

HOW I CLEANED UP MY FACEBOOK PAGE......The Art to Unfriending.....

I guess I was like most people who had no clue what they were doing when they first got hooked up with Social Media......Truly I had no idea what Facebook was about or how to even do it......About 5 years ago my husband suggested to me that I should get a Facebook account....I said "What's Facebook....?".....So one evening when I was relaxing I went and opened up an account.....I had no profile photo (now it seems I have way too many) and only 2 FB friends to start off with.........more

Social Media Snubbing

I am not an old lady although some of my students might disagree with me. When it comes to technology, I do feel a tad "old". My students know so much more than myself when it comes to computers, social media, chatting sites, etc. If I am teaching and I have an issue with my computer, then my first go-to person is one of my students. They can usually give me a quick fix or if they cannot, then they can tell me what the problem is. There is one thing that I might know better than them though......more