Maintaining Blog Traffic on Days You Don't Post

We all know that the highest traffic to your blog is when you publish a post. Makes sense. Now unless you are a full-time blogger (I'm envious of you) not all of us can post five days a week. So what do you do on the days that you don't blog? How do you maintain your traffic? I typically post three times a week -- Mondays, Wednesday, and Friday -- and on the days that I don't post I maintain my traffic in a variety of ways. ...more
Great post. Looking forward to trying all these tactics to increase traffic. I post once a week ...more

What Daily Blogging Has Taught Me About Pride & Desperation

My first instinct when I heard the daily blog challenge was NO WAY! I didn't want to annoy people. I mean, do people even care that much what I have to say?...and do I even have something worth saying for THIRTY WHOLE DAYS?...more

Give Yourself the Gift of Not Caring About Your Social Media Stats

"I am so happy for you!" Sometimes we say these words honestly, our entire being buzzing with excitement for the other person, and sometimes we say these words while quietly thinking in our head: why them and not me? Why do they have an average of 89 comments on any given post when I only have 10? Why did they make that best of blogs list and I didn't? How do they collect so many Twitter followers when my numbers stay exactly the same day-to-day? ...more
I really enjoyed reading this. I am a new blogger, and stats and followers are something I ...more