From Coattails to Platform: Success the New-Fashioned Way

I've been blogging on success for nearly a year, which seems like a good time to take stock of this blog. ...more

How to Succeed in Mommy Blogging: Sex, Cursing, and Vaginas

Recently I attended a lovely Ladies Who Blog luncheon with other mommy bloggers whose ambitions ran the gamut from "I'm just doing this so I don't go crazy being a full-time mom" to "my agent is packaging me for a web series." The idea behind the gathering was to pry us away from our laptops so we could interact with real live women who write the blogs, trade ideas, and offer support. General networking stuff....more
Great post! After reading this, I think I don't share ENOUGH. I aim to make my site more of a ...more

Why Do We Write What We Write?

I got a little derailed from my blog recently, and couldn't really put my finger on the reason(s) why. I still really haven't. But an oddity of a conversation last night had me thinking it over.  I don't really know why or how I was derailed, maybe in part because I don't have a clear reason for why I write. Which, in turn, has me wondering, "Why do other bloggers write?"...more