Blogging 101 | How to Build a Media Kit

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5 Habits of Highly Ineffective Bloggers

People ask me all the time, “Amy, how do you manage to get absolutely nothing done, day in and day out?”...more

What to Do When an Internet Celebrity Retweets You

Internet celebrity is a curious thing. I often sit back and watch how guys like Chris Brogan and Gary Vaynerchuk deal with their "public." They have a lot of demands and expectations put on them - sometimes, people are downright rude, too. They call out the A Lister because they haven't replied to a tweet or retweeted something. They whine and complain and take their toys and go home. I find it frustrating to watch this childish behaviour, and it makes me glad I'm not an A Lister. (I hear the D List is making a comeback, anyway...) ...more
I had Phil Colin (Def Leppard guitarist) answer me when I asked him what song he liked playing ...more

10 Simple Tips On Blogging From The Heart

Lately I’ve been getting such nice messages from readers and bloggers alike telling me how much they love my writing.  They often ask me, “Tina, where do you come up with your ideas on what to blog about?”  My answer is simple: it all comes from the heart....more

The Type of Blogger You Don't Want to Be

In general, I try to steer clear of pet peeve posts.  They tend to get rant-y, and I just don't love starting off a blog post with a negative spin.  But, in the last few weeks I've been thinking about some of the common mistakes that bloggers make.  You see, for a community where pretty much anything goes, we have a lot of rules.  And when you're new to the game, sometimes it can be hard to navigate these waters.  So let's look at this post as less of a rant, and more of an educational discussion. ...more
This is an incredible post! I enjoyed reading it and thank yo so much for the advice. As a ...more

My Biggest Blogging Mistakes (yeah, there’s a guy involved)

Okay, so my friend (and by friend I mean the guy I had a massive crush on but who didn’t like me the same way), offered to redo my webpage and I thought, Why not? He was learning how to design websites and would move my Blogger blog to the more complex platform, Wordpress, for free. I agreed with trepidation.Why the jelly feet?1)    I was romantically involved with the guy and I intuitively knew things could get B-A-D.2)    I would be switching over from a known to an unknown blogging service....more

Seven Blogging Lessons in Seven Blogging Years

I recently celebrated seven years of blogging. In seven years, I’ve learned a couple of things about this process.  Here are seven lessons about blogging that I’ve learned over the past seven years. ...more
I am blogging with my best friend over at  I love your ...more

How to maintain your audience 3 tips for bloggers

 The expressions of your words can send some what of a mixed signal to your audience if it is not projected in the right tone. What readers consider to be poor tones in writings can mean what to you? If you can't answer this question right off the bat than allow me to guide you through these 10 steps that will help you maintain your audience and gain more readers for your blog.  ...more