Priorities: My How They've Changed!

There was a time, when I didn't have all of these distractions. It was just me and a mangy black cat, living on the edge of nowhere and sleeping as late as we liked. But that was a long time ago; six years, to be exact....more

I'm Having A Bad Week, But Who Knew Google And Einstein Could Provide Such Helpful Perspective?

I've been feeling very overwhelmed with all the things I'm trying to do and learn.  In addition to running a household with 2 teens, a dog, a cat, a husband and a consulting practice, I'm trying very hard to learn how to master all the various types of social media.  ...more

The toughest job you'll never have (unless you try)!

There's nothing quite like working from home......more

(All About) Zayne's World

(Writer's note: This article first appeared on my blog's-world.html last Jan. 29)FIVE-YEAR-OLD Zayne Mojica calls me Nanay (mother in the Filipino language). It's the sweetest thing I've heard in the US so far aside from the endearments I hear from my husband Ronnie....more

I DID IT! I DID IT! I finally found a cure for "The Mondays!" It's called QUIT YOUR JOB!

For as long as I can remember, I've always hated Mondays. I'm sitting on the couch in our family room; it's the last day of summer vacation, and I watch as my mother breezes by with an armload of freshly washed clothes that she had just pulled from the dryer. My stomach tightens and a sadness drape sover me, like one of the warm sheets she is carrying. Tomorrow's Monday... And I never want for it to come....more

Work from home............IT'S NOT THAT EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am finding  it really hard to step foot into social media threw blogging and trying products, posting reviews  and even blogging about my own life. I don't know how other bloggers make it look so easy. I know I can write, type, and blog I don't know where or how to start and I have been looking over others blogs and they are absolutely flawless. So what's the deal. Blogging for me is kinda like a public diary well at least my simplyval! blog. I have another one to