What I'm Hoping to Get Out of BlogHer '14

 I'll be attending BlogHer '14 tomorrow and the day after. It will be my first blogging conference....more

First Step

Well, here I am following steps I read about on how to start writing. After the last two years of my life being about loss, infertitility, flucks, faith, love and still being here and sane I think I have soemthing to say. I want to write about this journey I am on for myself and my family. I want to talk to women about baby loss and faith in God - yes a God who knows that some of us are going to go DEEP into the valleys of life of which many do not return - but I am still here. I still I am on the journey for more children fully faithful (most days and moments)....more

Blogging is better than therapy. But don’t tell my therapist. Just kidding. I don’t really have a therapist. Because I blog.

This post first appeared on Mona Andrei's personal blog, Moxie-Dude.com...more

365 Reflections - Reflection 5

I I love to write. But I have not always done it. The evolution of my writing coincided with the advent of email and, oddly, internet dating....more

Is Life Just A Role Of The Dice? Thanks To Toni In Seat 21A, I Think Not.

 Do you ever wonder if we are simply rolling through life, landing in situations that are out of our control, or do you believe we determine our own fates by our decisions and actions?I've always believed that our decisions define our life and that we end up where we end up doing what we do because of our own actions and decisions.  I'm not a big believer in fate, or karma or pre-determined "accidents."What happened this week, on a flight from Newark to LA, however, made me start to wonder....more

Hard work really DOES pay off! Here's how I made $1275 blogging in ONE WEEK!

It seems impossible, I know–and when my new best friend, MarkEwbie told me how I "could be RICH by writing absolutely nothing of any significance to anyone," I thought him a fool.Click image to read full article! (Note: If click-through doesn't work, cut/paste into browser: http://www.bubblews.com/news/2823831-how-i-made-1278-my-very-first-week-on-bubblews)....more

Curse The Cursor

What if I wrote about nothing. Would you read it?Click logo to read story on Bubblews!...more

Character Profile

 I am re-blogging a blog today because I feel it’s very important. Someone asked me about how do I get started with my writing of a novel. Plus it’s always good to go back to the basics! Hey Writers! Today I want to blog about the importance of a ” Character Profile”. A character profile is answering questions about your character. This process should be used when writing a script, book, etc.  I really didn’t know about a character profile until I started my Master’s Program. I promise you, it will take you FAR with your writing....more

Why do you have a blog?



You work hard on a post for hours. You choose your words very carefully. You make sure that the rhythm of the words is just so to deliver that emotional punch, or punch line depending on the tone of the piece.  You revise it. Then you revise it again. Sometimes you even sleep on it. Finally you are ready. You take a deep breath, you swallow back your insecurity, and you hit the publish button. The world can see what you have poured your time and energy into; the masterpiece that you are now sharing with them. Unfortunately, they can also see your typo. Sigh....more