5 Facts You're Going to Learn If You Start Blogging

With the publication of this entry, I'll have completed my first year of blogging. It takes at least twelve months to build any credibility with these things and these are 5 facts of off the beaten advice track that I've learned so far. ...more
ImaginaryBookClub Please sent me the name of your blog.  I promise I'll check it out!more

Thankfulness Project 2014 - November 2, 2014 (With LINK UP)

Thankful for the Grace of GodTears can mean so very many things.We cry when we injure ourselves physically.We cry when we get horrible news or something tragic happens to us or to others.And we cry tears of joy when things work out to save us, to provide us with a great blessing. We cry at weddings. We cry when new babies are born. We cry at our children's high school graduation....more

Experiment #2: Express Gratitude More Often

Contentment is a special challenge I have.One of the challenges of growing up an overachiever was that I was constantly chasing the next accomplishment.I admit that I had (and still have) what happiness guru Gabrielle Bernstein calls the “when-I-haves.”This sickening disease causes you to say things like:...more

Thankfulness Project 2014 – November 1, 2014 (LINK-UP)

In the grave... who will give You thanks?This may seem a strange, depressing way to start a month long focus on Thankfulness. But it is somewhat timely.Last night, in the U.S., was Halloween. Today is All Saint's Day....more

The Thrill of Dreams

It’s amazing how hard-wired we all are to believe what we already know as all the truth there is in the world. We use this limited list of facts to make judgments about everything around us and quickly come to the conclusion that we can only do things as they’ve always been done.Most of that conversation with ourselves has gone on so often we no longer even notice it anymore. That’s when the words become a false truth to us....more

Born in the USA...and Thankful

I was in church this morning and had a bit of an epiphany.  It seems simple, quite obvious, but I was overwhelmed by the fact that I was made in the USA...born in the USA, a citizen of the greatest country on our planet.  The United States definitely has it issues, now more than any other time in history, or at least in my history.  We live in some scary times.  There's violence between races, religions, belief systems, and lifestyles.  There is a scary new healthcare system attempting to be put into place.  We fear.  We worry....more

¡Hasta la Vista 2013!

This post is a look back at some of the wonderful and not so wonderful events of 2013, and also a big “Thank You” to the people in my life who inspire and support me and my family. ...more