How I Came THIS Close to Being Freshly Pressed!

I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to get it to happen the pinnacle experience here on WordPress – - the honor of having your blog post exposed to millions of new readers.  It’s called “Freshly Pressed.”I came to the conclusion that there’s nothing a writer can do to make it happen except maybe pray.With that in mind, Here are the Steps I Took Towards my Goal:...more

Grandma's Two Dimensional Boyfriend

My mother is a trip.Sometimes she wears a wig; not because she has cancer or thinning hair, but because she is lazy and doesn't feel like combing it. **Click image to read full article**...more

“Not now kids, I am watching the Walton’s.”

My son came up to me the other day and informed me his phone no longer worked.I gave him a look like, “What do you want me to do about it?” (As if I didn’t know the answer to that.)He gave me a look like, “Grab the keys, mom; we need to go and buy me a new one!” (With no upgrade in site.)I, knowing the importance of a teenager having a phone, suggested on a compromise for awhile. A phone that merely talks and texts?God forbid! He’d rather have nothing.And that’s what he has, moping around the house like he has lost his best friend…...more

Do You Dangle?

In high school there was a group of boys that I knew who would always say, “Can I dangle for your delight?” This phrase was often followed by bouts of boyish giggling as they all enjoyed their wit, referring to their favorite part of their anatomy in a silly bit of almost alliterative humor. My reaction was usually to roll my eyes and make a hasty exit from their general area....more

RIP Erma Bombeck

April 22, 2014 marks the 18th anniversary of Erma Bombeck’s death, but her words live on in the hearts of everyone she touched with her gentle, yet hilarious musings on motherhood, family life, marriage and all things domestic....more

What Happens When Dog Meets Pollen?

I think my dog might be allergic to pollen... You be the judge! *Click image to read full story*...more

Blogging in Hint Fiction: A MicroBlog Post in 25 words or less

Blogging in Hint Humor: A MicroBlog Post in 25 Words or LessHint Fiction is a small category of creative writing made famous by Robert Swartwood @Hint_Fiction  ...more

Here we go!

"BlogHer: Life Well Said" is a great place to get blogging. (Note: In the fine print, they also accept men- I think.Here we go!  ...more

Confessions of a writing procrastinator

Suppressing my writing relo-meter is becoming quite the chore. I woke this morning in so much pain, if it weren’t for the tubal ligation I had ten years ago, I’d swear I was birthing triplets with no uterus – can you imagine it!  Whewww…it was brutal....more

In 1984. AtariWriter Makes it Easier to Be a Better Writer (And I Thought Atari Just Made Me Good at Video Games)

When sifting through some memorabilia, I found an article in a yellowed edition of an old magazine that really made me realize how far technology has come for writers. Consider this ad from  “Home” magazine by the Los Angeles Times from July 22, 1984. ...more