Book Review: You Own Me by Mary Catherine Gebhard

Meet Lennox (awesome name by the way!). She’s just moved from Seattle to Santa Barbara to escape a dangerous and violent ex-boyfriend. She is alone in a new place for the first time and also dealing with how her ex’s behavior affected her own mental illness. Lennox is also Bi-polar and questions every thought and move, not knowing if it’s really what she should think or if it’s her illness steering her wrong. Personally if that’s the way her mind works and that’s a disease then in all seriousness I need to talk to my doctor. Reading this book I felt like I was just talking to myself inside my head....more

#Book Review: TheBloodlines War (The Community Series #1) by Tracy Tappan

I really wanted to like the book. I really, really did! It’s got all the paranormal aspects I enjoy and even some new ideas that I respect. Unfortunately 30% of the way into the book I was still wondering where it was all going and I was not entertained.The book starts with Dr. Toni Parthen at a crime scene, she’s obsessing over not having a boyfriend in over a year all the while complaining about drawing the short straw and have to be at said crime scene. I found the idea that not having a man would be higher on her mind that the dead man at the scene with no blood in his veins. The lead detective is attracted to her and she likes him too but has bad luck with men. You don’t really understand why for some time and even then it’s more like seriously?!?! Toni is also described as someone beyond beautiful with an extremely large chest that is ogled but any man within eye distance. I’m kinda over the “I’m a doctor and want to be taken seriously but I’m constantly worry about my body even when I pretend not to” that I’m seeing in many paranormal books recently....more

The Ultimate Money-Saving Tip for Your Gluten-Free Diet

Some feel P.F. Chang's is discriminating against individuals with celiac disease because they charge $1 more per menu item that is prepared gluten-free. Here's what I think about the cost of GF food and the best way to save money....more
I've noticed some brands are now offering the gluten free version of their products for exactly ...more

I Get Cranky When People Call Me a Writer

When I chose to start a blog, I didn't do so because I saw myself as a writer, or that I could impress people with my way with words. Because I am not a writer. I'm a rambler. I write the same way I talk, which is usually fast and all over the place. I open an empty post box and it's like spitfire. ...more
TheRealAaronW thank you for sharing!!!!! :)more

April Fools make May Tools!

Today I look on the calendar as I write this, and it's April Fool's Day and I want to play a practical joke on someone but I don't know how creative and adventurous I want to get.  I mean not to get too philosophical on your ass, but the real practical joke is the one we are playing on ourselves....more

NaBloPoMo - March 4: My Writing Voice and Me

I'm trying to keep up with NaBloPoMo.  Today we are ask to tell "How is your writing voice like you?" and " How does your writing voice differ from you?"...more

A Writer asks a Famous Writer to Stop Writing Because–Why Again?

Every writer is jealous of other writers.  Whether it’s fame or fortune or talent, we can’t help but snivel a little when they become Them and we’re still just us....more