I'm Not That Kind of Blogger

I've been blogging again for three weeks and feel like my space has been growing a lot in that short span. Not because I'm that awesome or anything. Mostly because I've been aggressively targeting people to stalk, sponsor, and write for me this summer. But still, new readers. Cool. So let's talk about the things you probably won't ever find here. AKA "Why I'll Never Be Popular" or "Reasons Why Pinterest is Not for Me." ...more
Finley Jayne I'll check out your page!more


There comes a time in every woman’s life when the pressure to stand up and speak her mind appears, first like a wraith swirling in from the mists, and then like Stonehenge – strong, indubitable, eternal. Setting up the platform, finding the location, and then screwing up the courage to say – Hey World this is ME! I have something to say. And I’d appreciate a few moments of your time to hear me out.That’s my challenge – and it’s one I accept, as of now.So bear with me as the pages are made up and the ploughshares and pruning hooks all get beaten into shape....more

How do you represent yourself online?

I've been thinking about this lately because there are blog posts everywhere that talk about "being yourself" on your blog and in your writing, but how much of what you read on blogs is actually accurate? Do you try to put on a good face even when you are feeling down? Do you avoid writing about the negative things in your life? Do you really say "lovlies" in real life?Click here to read full post....more