What Happens in Class Stays in Class?

Today, I began my Seminar on College Teaching by having the grad students and postdocs enrolled in it draw a picture that served as a metaphor for higher education today. Images of violence figured prominently in a few doodles. My students depicted the research university as a guillotine, a hunting lodge filled with trophy heads, and--perhaps most graphically--as a meat grinder into which students are fed like cheap steak destined to be hamburger. ...more

There are quite a few divergent questions here  - and I'm not sure how I feel about some ...more

The Blog World Is Like High School

Jen @ www.afterthealter.com Blog World is Like High School ...more

Why blog????

I have had several friends ask - "Why in the world would YOU blog?" I know I didn't jump on the bandwagon when blogging got its glorious start. But, I am usually like that anyway - I take my time and make sure that it is something that I want to do - and will be able to do. But still - why would I want to blog - it's not like I don't have 6 reasons running around to occupy my time. Well, really there are plenty of reasons to blog......more

Facebook and the FTC: Are Social Media Marketers Messing Up?

Are social media marketers implementing the new Facebook contest rules and meeting their obligations under FTC guidelines? Survey says: maybe not, or at least, not yet. Social media marketing -- a bit like the wild west of our imaginations -- a little bit glamorous, a little bit dangerous, and as practiced by some, perhaps just a little bit dirty. ...more

Dazed and Bemused

The first thing you’re going to learn about me while reading this blog is that I am an internet geek.   ...more

No-Show Snow Day

Well, well, well it's the last day of the longest short week I've ever experienced! And Friday, I'm not sure why, but I am surprisingly glad to see you! Maybe in the future, the deity that is Nick Saban can use that shiny new crystal ball to predict weather patterns and save school boards from burdening us with The Most Boring Snow Day Ever. The kind of Snow Day that had no snow. The kind of Snow Day that fell only hours after the second semester began. The kind of Snow Day that makes you understand the necessity of crisis hot lines and Midol PM. ...more

Blogher Newbie

Lorrie @Cuteangel79 I am a newbie to blogher, I found out about it last year but didn't think about going, this year is different. I checked out the site and found out about the bloghership which allows you to vollunteer and blogher will pay your registration fee which is around 199 untill Feb 28 after that its 298. So this is all new to me I mean theres so many fees to think of hotel,airline, taxi, dinners, etc. ...more

Was 2009 the Year of the Fashion Blogger?

This week, the New York Times reflected on the rise of the fashion blogger....more