Stanford Teacher Ed Program v. Blogger: A Draw?

Imagine this scenario: You're taking some college courses, and you're not happy with your program. Do you blog about it? If so, how far do you take your criticism? Do you do so under your own name? Do you name the program, your instructors, your fellow students? Where do you draw the line? If you work with kids as part of your program, do you blog about them? ...more

Internet Marketing - Tips to Dive In This Summer

I have just discovered that I've only been wading ankle-deep in the sea information about internet marketing.Believe me, I was aware that I had far to go before I reached Dara Torres-like domination of the subject - I wasn't even treading water - but I figured I was at least up to my neck.  That's certainly how it feels some days. ...more

Are You Going To TypeAMomCon?

I always hear about BlogHer and haven't ever really thought about going. ...more

So you want to start a blog...

You've been reading lots about blogs in the news and you think it might be fun to start one. You have things to say! You might even have found the perfect "niche," that oh-so-elusive thing that promises to rise your as as-yet-unborn blog to the top of the blogosphere. Maybe you're heading out on a journey and want to chronicle the experience. Or maybe you just need a space to voice your thoughts so that you no longer feel as though you're talking to yourself. ...more

My blogs

i am soo addicted with blogging! it all started last year and now after less than 10 months, i am still soo into it. no only that i can earn money but i also have a lot of fun posting things about my interests and opinions. it's really fun so try it too :) ...more

I've Been Busy ... But I'm Back

So I've been busy the last two months. I've moved - apartment, job, neighborhood ... life rearranged, really. I have been the living epitome of TRANSITION and the last two months, instead of fostering my anxiety, stress, and worry into words on my blog ... I didn't. So the blog has been lonely and my soul has been carrying a load heavier than it needed. But alas a writer is a writer, and the words are always formulating into sentences, into stories, into emotions, into clarity, into sanity. I'M BACK. ...more

Bookstores and Blogging

Blogging about work, it's a contentious issue. Ever since the term "dooced" was created it's been a scary prospect. Could any of us be fired for blogging about work? Or only people who said negative things? But what if your blog is not purely about work but your work is related - like a bookseller, librarian or publishing house employee who blogs about books? I can see how their work could seep into their blog because I read such blogs daily. Some of my favourite book blogs are written by people who work in those industries. Where is that line in regards to blogging about work? ...more

Large companies in financial difficulty tend to be risk-averse. The chance that someone might ...more

Thank You Chicago once again

For those of you who attended my TypePad session (or not). Some notes from the session are available via email at until August 15th. So sign up and enjoy.  See you next year,  nextSTEPH   ...more

Good-bye BlogHer 09, I miss you already

I've attended four of the five BlogHer conferences. I stayed home for the first one and was just about as jealous and miserable as a woman blogger can be. I've spoken at two BlogHer conferences. I've officially live-blogged four BlogHer conferences. I've been drunk at BlogHer Con (which is frightening since I don't drink.) I've cried at BlogHer Con. I've gotten angry at BlogHer Con. I've been the life of the party. I've been the blogger hiding in a corner because she just can't handle the people. My heart has hurt over the sessions I wasn't able to attend. ...more

That was the title of my first conference post. And it about sums it all up for me. ...more