Blogging While Brown 2009: Making Money, Making Friends and Making Movies

Blogger Angel Laws started her blog Concrete Loop with five dollars in her pocket. That was just about four years ago.  Now Angel says she gets 700,000 unique visitors a day and makes about $250,000 a year through ads on her blog.  Her advice for bloggers during last weekend's Blogging While Brown conference in Chicago: ...more

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Thanks for your kind words.  I really enjoyed the conference and learned ...more

Blogging While Brown 2009: A Conference for People of Color with Lessons for All Bloggers

"Fish where your buyers swim," said Milton Haynes of Blacks Gone Geek. Before you hit publish, check your headline, "That's the most strategic choice you're about to make," said Megan Tady of Save The  "Own your digital real estate," said Hajj E. Flemings, branding expert and author of "The Brand YU Life." These quotes came from presenters at last weekend's 2nd annual Blogging While Brown conference held at the University Center in Chicago.  It's the kind of advice that's important for all bloggers but the attendees of BWB got that and much more. ...more

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I loved your post, more

Want To Demystify All This

My experience here at HerBlog has already been very positive. I’m very grateful and excited that I’ve received comments and feedback, and from some incredible and amazing women, no less. ...more

What I Plan To Do Next

 Thought I'd try this "PicApp plug-in" thingy. I think this answers one of the questions I had earlier. Cool. ...more

Wow, thanks so much for the positive feedback! BlogHer rocks! I just got started and already ...more

Some Things I Need To Know

      There is still much I need to know, want to know, about blogging: ...more

Learning To Blog

I discovered BlogHer through Bloggingbasics101 while researching information on blogging. I have a creative blog in process on Blogger. I was recently approved for Google’s adsense, but it’s my understanding that it takes daily traffic in the thousands to make any money. I have a long way to go. Anyway, I still have much to learn, and the more I know, the more I can improve my blog, not to mention my blogging experience. ...more

Are you a good mommyblogger witch or a bad mommyblogger witch?

Apparently there’s a debate raging in the blogosphere, more specifically (God help us) the ‘Mommyblogosphere’ about ‘bad moms’ versus ‘good moms’ and how some bloggers are like pretending to be a ‘bad mom’ because ‘it’s cool,’ and they are almost ashamed to admit they are really a ‘good mom.’   Read more at   P.S. I NEED A BLOGHER TICKET!!! And...if you have a moment, please vote for PajamasandCoffee for Funniest Blog at ...more

4 Tips to Becoming An Author: A Smart Business Strategy

I am a speaker at heart, always wanted to speak in front of groups of people.  I never really thought I would become a writer.  Somehow, when I try to write, the words don't flow like when I speak!  Then, a publisher found me on LinkedIn.  Honored and overwhelmed I agreed to write one chapter in a compilation book with a group of amazing people like Mark Victor Hansen. ...more

Hi Holly, great question! I have been an entrepreneur and self-employed since 1999! So some tips ...more

The Big 300 and a Great Big Bloggy Giveaway!

When I made my 100th post I didn't know it, and not that it really would have mattered, because I'm pretty sure no one read it! By the time I got to my 200th post, I accidentally missed it because of a draft counting error and some faulty addition. (How sad is that?) So I've been eagerly awaiting the 3ooth time I share some snippet of my life with you. ...more

How to Keep Your Burritos from Getting Dry (and other ways to ask for help).

This morning, I re-heated some breakfast burritos for my husband and me. His was ready first so he took a bite as I went to re-heat mine. After his first taste, my husband said "When you heat yours, be sure to turn it over so the edges don't get dry." His point was to let me know that there was a better way to make the burritos so I would enjoy them more. I took it to mean that I had ruined his breakfast and made it all dry. I told him that I was sorry for ruining his breakfast and got pretty defensive. ...more