#NaBloPoMo Day 16 - Half way through the blogging challenge

So here I am half way through my november blogging challenge! Has it been hard? Yes. Has it been very hard? No. It's something I have to remember to do every day. Though it's not as simple as that! Read on....more

#NABloPoMo Day 9 - 6 ways to beat writer's block

Writer's block is an often discussed topic in blogging communities. I am no writer and I haven't been writing for years. But as I understand through our discussions, it is the inability to come up with new ideas and blog consistently. It's either lack of ideas or not being able to write well about them. I think it also includes not having enough motivation to actually sit down and produce some work. It's a strange procrastination that grips us once we keep stalling the act of writing....more

12 Free Blogging Tools You Need for 2015

This was my first year of blogging and I wanted to create a list of resources I have come to love and depend on. These aren't necessarily new resources, but they're ones you'll want for your blog if you don't already use them. So here are my top 12 resources for blogging in 2015. ...more
There are some great things in this post. I definitely agree with Wordpress.org as the ...more

Top 10 Ways to Suck at Blogging

Blogging Blues...8 months is not a long time, but it feels long when it is wasted time. I have blogged for 8 months. I put in the work. I thought I was doing it right. Every expert I consulted repeated the previous. I felt frustrated, confused, and defeated.I did what they preached without the results they promised. I took short breaks to refocus and then tried the same methods again. It sounds ridiculous repeating the same pattern while expecting different results. I trusted every word I read. I assumed I was the problem, not the formula....more

How to Find Your Niche: For Bloggers

 Are you a new blogger trying to find your niche?  Are you an old blogger trying to pin down your niche?    ...more

12 Tips for Getting the Best Out of the Farmers' Market

My fear of the farmers' market isn't the market itself, but rather the fact that I have no idea how to navigate it. There is a skill to purchasing those fruits and veggies just like there is a skill to shopping a flea market or a consignment shop. So I did a little research, and I've come up with some tips that will assist in making your farmers' market experience enjoyable and fruitful (oh, how I love a good food pun). ...more
sunburntsaver that was probably the BEST piece of advice for me as well! Thank you for reading.more

10 Reasons Why I Love Your Blog

Here are 10 reasons why I love your blog. ...more
Great tips. I am trying to recommit to my blog, but as of yet I only have a handful of followers ...more

Blog Button Tutorial for Blogger Using PicMonkey and Photobucket

 Today, I want to share with you how to create a button or badge for your blog.  You may not think you need it but it's always a good idea to have one just in case someone does want to display your badge on their own web site, specifically if you like to swap buttons or if you want to sponsor someone's blog or advertise on their site.  For this post, I'm going to suggest using PicMonkey and Photo Bucket to create your button.  ...more

Places to Join to Grow Your Blog's Traffic: Part 2

This is a continuation of my series I am doing to help other bloggers who are looking for ways to grow their audience and increase traffic to their blog.    Ev...more

Blogging Tips for Beginners or Aspiring Bloggers

When I first began blogging, it was for my personal use as a creative outlet and as a fun way for me to record and discuss my journey with being a mom.  My reasons for maintaining my blog are still the same but my blog and its content have also evolved. ...more