Dan Dufus the Clueless Salesman - SLCC 07 Chicago Report

I had the pleasure of attending the Second Life Conference and Convention in Chicago this past weekend as a guest of Campfire Media, Atomic Bombast and Mug Wildung, and Pontiac's Motorati Island. I was joined by Suku Ming, owner of the SLASCAR race track who shared with me 50% of all the racers on her track are women SL residents, in fact the #1 racer on the SLASCAR track is a woman avatar. ...more

VEGAS, BABY? Where should BlogHer '08 be and more: Take the BlogHer '07 survey

It's here in all the excruciating (but mostly optional) detail you could ever want: The BlogHer '07 Post-Conference Survey. Can you skate by giving us your high level opinions on most aspects of the conference? Yes. Can you give your granular ratings and opinions on every single speaker and session you saw, on sponsors, on hotels? Yes. Can you take this survey even if you weren't there, because you'd like to give your feedback on what you hope we'll do in the future? Yes. ...more

Somewhere cool in the summer... Seattle, San Diego, Portland, Lake Tahoe, etc...


p.s. ...more

AOL Body

I've finally unpacked my bags from BlogHer 07, and in doing so I'm going through all the great Swag I picked up while there. One of my favorite goodies was the AOL Body thumbdrive, not because it's particularly cool (although it is pretty), but because I have somehow lost every thumbdrive I've gotten up to now, and I needed one in the worst way. However, I did appreciate that they didn't junk it up with a bunch of marketing crap, like I would have expected from most sponsors. It came with a small html file that simply welcomed us to BlogHer. While playing around on the AOL Body site I was pleasantly surprised to see a great looking and value-filled site that I can share with the readers of my health blog. ...more

BlogHer 07 -- The Real Swag

It's impossible to encapsulate all that a new blogger like me learned in the four heady days at BlogHer 07. So I did a quick memory check. What do I recall clearly enough not to have to refer to my notes, or at least know exactly where I can spot them in those notes? Here are the lessons I digested best: ...more

I am looking forward to the next one, too! In fact, at times I wanted to attend all the panels ...more

Liveblog: Multimedia Lab on Videoblogging at BlogHer 07

Update: Here's the post-session handout provided by the Multimedia Lab crew. ...more

Blogher 07 Day 2: Book to Blog, and Back Again!

I'm live-blogging this session for the benefit of my mom-blog-writer friends who I KNO ...more

Book to Blog and Back Again at BlogHer 07

Blog to Book and Back Again Day Two of BlogHer 07 began with a standing-room-only panel, Book to Blog and Back Again. The panel included Gina Trapani, whose blog and book lifehacker.com is a huge hit; Ariel Meadow Stallings, author of the cool book and blog Offbeat Bride; and literary agent Kate Lee offering a publisher's perspective. Denise Wakeman of the Blog Squad moderated the panel. ...more

BlogHer '07 Rocks!

I just wanted to let everyone know that if you couldn't make the BlogHer '07 conference, you need to plan ahead for '08! I've had a fantastic time interacting with all the other women (and men, too!) here at BlogHer '07. BlogHer has done a fantastic job of not only arranging quality presentations and bringing in the very best exhibitors (who, I have to say, are incredibly generous with all the swag they are passing out--it's like trick-or-treating!), but also creating opportunities for all of us to get together and socialize. ...more

Live from the (virtual) BlogHer Conference in Second Life!

This is amazing. Although in reality, I am at home, in bed, in pain (and in my pajamas), I am still able to attend the BlogHer Conference virtually using this program called Second Life. They’re streaming audio this morning while the attendees sit in chairs. Soon we will get up and walk around and “talk” to each other, making connections and renewing friendships that we’ve made through blogging. I am so enamoured with this technology. ...more

Guide to live-blogging from BlogHer '07

If you couldn't be at BlogHer in Chicago or in Second Life, but want to follow along with every session, you can do so by clicking to our volunteer live-blogger links below. And if you live-blogged from BlogHer '07 please add your links in the comments, or accept our invitation to blog it right here. Here's the tag we're encouraging everyone to use so that we can find your live blog posts, photos, audiocasts and videos: blogher07. Enjoy! (On-site and need conference info? Start here. ...more

Not exactly live, but I posted on some of the sessions I ...more