BlogHer '08 Video: All the links I've got...add your own in comments

UPDATED: I got the links for the Closing Keynote, Living the Truman Show, from Katy this afternoon, so I've added them below. It is in 8 segments on YouTube. This post is just one big link-fest, mostly to point you to all the video taken by our official conference videographer, Katy Chen. To fill in the blanks on the Community Keynote I've also included links to some of Gena Haskett and Elaine from Wannabe Hippie's videos. At the end you will find a link to the videos you all submitted yourselves at the CNN iReport table. ...more

Is your report tagged "BlogHer", becuase the link is to the search results for "BlogHer" not ...more

Conference Attendee Disappointed in Wasteful Meals

I thought long and hard before writing this little post, because I had such a fantastic time at the conference in San Francisco this year. I have just one little complaint to make, and I know that at the very least, the conference attendees who sat with me at lunchtime will agree, since the topic came up while we ate. ...more

Because that is the art of blogging...

I've been struggling since I've been back from the BlogHer conference. Struggling to find words, to put coherent thoughts into sentences. My rhythm has been interrupted by ...questions. ...more

Hey, anyone that has read my post knows I can't do 300 words. One rare occasions maybe 450. ...more

BlogHer '08: The Entertainment Bloggers

I'm back from BlogHer '08 and it was such a jam packed weekend, I'm still processing all the great experiences.  The women were as varied as their blogs, the parties were loud and fun, and the event itself ran, from my point of view, flawlessly. Melissa Silverstein of Women & Hollywood and I had the pleasure of hosting an entertainment bloggers' meet-up and I wanted to use this first post after BlogHer '08 to showcase some of those women and their blogs.  Anyone I don't mention in this post, I will make every effort to mention in upcoming posts. ...more

Megan, Denise, it was great to meeting both of you. I read BlogHer daily, so it was great ...more

BlogHer '08 Brochure - Download Now!

If you're headed to the BlogHer Conference tomorrow and didn't happen to catch it in your inbox OR if you're not attending but want to know what's goin' on, you are invited to download the BlogHer '08 Conference Brochure. Click on the link or right-click to save the file: ...more

A Survival Guide to BlogHer for the non-blogger or "corporate" attendee

So, jumping on the bandwagon with the community's and Maria Niles's phenomenal guides to surviving BlogHer, I thought I would add one appropriate for the 1) sponsors, 2) networking non-bloggers, or 3) corporate bloggers trying to meet bloggers. All this stuff about introversion and wearing the right shoes seem irrelevant to you? ...more

Well thanks for thinking of us Jory. =) Twitter/scans = essential; so true that connections are ...more

Sign Up NOW for Lunch With Rocco DiSpirito - Seats Will Go Super-Fast!

Updated: As per Miriam's comment below, the event is now full. Thanks for your enthusiastic response!  If you're registered for BlogHer '08 and interested in attending a lunch with Rocco DiSpirito -- where he'll be offering samples of some great new Bertolli products -- sign up now! But please note: seats are extremely limited, so please note the official "rules." Details can be found here, including how to RSVP ASAP! ...more

As of 8:00 PST the Lunch with Rocco has been filled! Thank you to all who signed-up!  If you ...more

Join BlogHer On The Road! All Reach Out Tour Cities Now Open For Registration

If you can't make it to BlogHer '08 in San Francisco this year, maybe you can join us in one of our SIX "Reach Out Tour" cities this fall? We'll be condensing our annual event into one-day extravaganzas in Boston, DC, Nashville, Greensboro, Atlanta and New Orleans. And you can register now for any or all of them! ...more

Actually, that's a great question!

Each city's more

It's Here! The "Official" Blogher '08 Pre-Conference Guide

Everything you need to know before you go, now in one handy guide! Thanks to your great questions and feedback (See Advice You Shared), this downloadable guide features: frequently asked questions, tips for how to prepare, what to expect, and advice from former BlogHer attendees. ...more

but would it not be nice to explain how registration works for newbs?

Is there a big ...more

ONE MORE DAY TO REGISTER: BlogHer '08 registration will close tomorrow at 6PM Pacific time

If you've been holding off on registering for BlogHer '08, now is most definitely the time to act. We've been tracking BlogHer registrations, and today was, for some reason, a tremendously active day. Which means we are planning to shut down new registrations tomorrow, July 2nd at 6PM Pacific time. So, no joke and no scare tactic: The next 24 hours are it for BlogHer registrations. Please join us, and join us quickly!! ...more

Hi everyone :)  I would love to attend BlogHer 08 on Friday or Saturday.  If you happen to ...more