Inspired by Hope

I was so inspired by many of the women that I met at BlogHer. One of the women really impacted my thoughts. Krysten from Hope Revo had an idea... and it got legs! I sent out a poll and a plea, or rather a call to action. "Hope" you vote and act: ...more

I Already Know How to Farm Better

One of my favorite sermons was by Marilyn Sewell of the First Unitarian Universalist Church in Portland, Oregon. She told the story of a farming convention coming to small town. Someone with the convention was calling farmers to convince them to attend. He was explaining to one farmer the topics that would be covered how he could increase his yield and make more money. Then he asked the farmer, "Don't you want to know how to farm better?" And the farmer said "I already know how to farm better. I just choose not to." This is the sermon that has helped me most when blogging... ...more

Thanks for the comment. Maybe we are the only two? That's OK. I've decided it's just fine to ...more

Mommy blogging: a facking radical act

I have always been a rebel in my own mind. I’m like a lot of people out there: I adore the notion of myself as daring and fearless when, in fact, there is little about the way I live my day-to-day life that could be considered radical. ...more

My Second Life-Knife Throwing-Party Weekend (BlogHer 08 in Second Life)

I really wanted to attend the annual BlogHer conference in San Francisco this weekend, but I thought we would be moving, so I didn't sign up to go.  I did however, register to attend in Second Life.  You may have even noticed the banner ad that I have in the right sidebar on my blog. ...more

Live-Blogs From BlogHer '08

Watch the space below as we continually update the links with live-blogs from each of the BlogHer '08 sessions! * * * * * * * Day One - July 18, 2008 Break-Out Session #1 Who We Are: Introversion, Blogging and BlogHer What We Do: Taking Care of Business ...more

At the Race & Gender
session at BlogHer ‘08, ...more

AskPatty Streeter to Speak at BlogHer in Second Life on Motorability Island

BlogHer's annual conference begins July 18, 2008, and once again Ask Patty is a proud sponsor of BlogHer in Second Life. BlogHer is one of the top women's online networks and the number-one guide to blogs by women. ...more

BlogHer '08 Buttons: I'm Going! I'm Speaking! I'm GONE...

What would the BlogHer annual conference be without some proper blog bling? UPDATE THE SECOND: This just in for those of you who ARE coming to the conference (and whose blog posts might temporarily suffer for it), we offer: Code: <a href=""><img src="" alt="Gone to BlogHer 08"/></a> Sure, the first order of business is was actually registering. And then it'd be awesome if you'd like to add yourself it was cool that so many of you added yourselves to our ever-growing roster of attendees. But even if you haven't gotten never got around to these first steps (ahem, tick tock), it's never too early to you can always add BlogHer '08 badge beauty to your blog. We've worked up our Official "I'm Going!" and "I'm Speaking" buttons for you again this year. But we've also added a few more "personal" buttons to the mix. (You're doing what at BlogHer?) UPDATE THE FIRST: And for those of you who can't be with us in person, but who will be following along via live-blogs, check after the jump for a button just for you! Check 'em out: ...more

Love that one - even though I have guest bloggers scheduled, it's going up on tonight's post! ...more

The City By the Bay: San Francisco

So, you're off, are you? If you can tear yourself away from the conference, San Francisco is a terrific city. In fact, one might accuse the BlogHer organizers of being a little heartless in making you choose between that choice session about [your favorite topic here] and heading up to North Beach to drink coffee and window shop. Make time for that wonderful city, it's a West Coast gem. ...more

I just updated my own Kid-Friendly guide to San Francisco.  The guides include restaurants so ...more

Announcing the BlogHer Community Keynote Selections

Yes, just under the wire, I am here to announce the BlogHer Community Keynote line-up. What to say about an idea that prompted hundreds of posts to come flooding in? How about: We better do this again! And how about: A heartfelt thanks to our selection committee: Alice from finslippy Debbie from Body Impolitic Heather from NoPasaNada Jessica from Oh the Joys! Mona from Kirida Kristy Sammis and Denise Tanton from BlogHer And, of course, the woman who proposed the idea in the first place, Eden Kennedy from Fussy. ...more

Most are up at I must apologize for missing 4 readings ...more