Watch Our First Ever BlogHer Fashion Show!

You may have heard the "Whoop!" that went 'round the world on Saturday night in New York City, when 21 stylish -- and styling -- bloggers took the runway by storm at BlogHer '12. Truly fantastic fashion looks were on display, from sponsors 6PM and canine clothier Pet Smart (pretty pooches had their moment, too), but what really made the audience's eyes sparkle was the joy, confidence and pride beaming from our walkers, spreading like wildfire into the audience....more
 @kisschronicles Sorry... That was me screaming with all the "nice shoes" and "oh I need that in ...more

The Weekend I Overdosed on Estrogen

You'll have to excuse me today, I'm coming down from a pretty wicked high.  I spent the weekend living like an estrogen junkie, hopping from one session to another, parties to conversations, and back again.  It was like shooting feminism into my veins.And then I came home.  A cab, a train, and my own car took me on a 16-hour trip from my dealer's corner (the Hilton NYC, corner of 6th Ave. and 53rd St.) back to my little corner of the universe in Kentucky, one that is free of all estrogen but my own.It feels a bit weird, honestly....more

BlogHer '12: What I'd do differently

Home! And sleep! Two of the most welcome words after being stuck in an airport overnight! I am still exhausted, but slowly getting sorted out and definitely looking forward to returning to what passes for a normal routine tomorrow. ...more

Are You Suffering from a BlogHer Conference Hangover?

It's Monday morning, the first weekday after the end of the annual BlogHer conference.  You probably got home yesterday at some point, and the contents of your suitcase are in piles all over your bedroom floor (unless you're one of those people who already has your laundry done, and in that case, I just want to tell you how jealous I am right now of your housekeeping skills).  The business cards are in several piles at the bottom of your purse.  You've passed out the swag to the kids and crumpled up your marked-up copy of the conference schedule.  And that's when it hits you: You are suffering from a scorching case of Conference Hangover. ...more
 @wdolderer Hi, I'm a new yorker too and I was also overwhelmed. It was my first BlogHe but I do ...more

Best laid plans

This is not exactly how I'd hoped my BlogHer '12 weekend would end. ...more I loved meeting you, Robin! And I loved how Sabrina and I kept running into ...more

BlogHer '12 Day Two -- in Tweets!

Yesterday was Day Two of BlogHer '12, and it was just as amazing as Day One. It was a whirlwind of informative sessions, fantastic keynotes, announcements about what's to come for BlogHer and, yes, CheeseburgHers. There was a fashion show that blew the socks off everyone in the room. I grabbed some tweets at random to give you a quick glimpse of the day....more

BlogHer '12 Quickie

I am having The. Best. Time. EVER. at BlogHer '12. EVER! And today they announced that next year's conference will be in... wait for it... Chicago! That would be a five (or less) hour drive/train ride away from my home. ...more

BlogHer '12

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmSo I went to the BlogHer '12 annual conference yesterday.My first....more

BlogHer '12 Day One -- in Tweets!

Yesterday was the first day of programming for BlogHer '12 and, let me tell you, it was an amazing day. From the panels to the Expo Hall to, oh you know, Martha Stewart, it was just one of those days that you hope for when attending a conference. We followed along with your tweets and present to you a random dozen that give you a picture as to what the day was like so you can get a feel, whether you're following along with us at home or just wonder what else was going on while you were in another session!...more

Reflections on BlogHer '12

We have different stories, different voices, different motivations, different goals. Some bound into any room with bubbling enthusiasm, confident in their abilities and fed by success... others tread more hesitantly, as yet unproven and working to define. ...more