HealthMinder and Pathfinder Day in Tweets!

If you didn't get to attend our pre-conference events yesterday, HealthMinder Day or Pathfinder Day, you missed out on a day of great learning, fun, encouragement and inspiration. With two sets of programming running simultaneously, it would create a huge (but informative and awesome) post. Instead, I grabbed ten (well, eleven -- just because!) tweets that give you a general overview of how awesome the day was for our attendees....more

Don't Forget: BlogHer ’12 Evening At The Expo Is Back Tonight!

Last year at BlogHer ’11 in San Diego, attendees really loved the Evening at the Expo. It was a great way to kick off the conference, meet the sponsors and have a couple drinks on us!  Since it was such a huge success last year we decided to bring it back again this year at the Hilton New York. ...more

I Have No Mommy Guilt for Attending BlogHer '12

I have absolutely, 100% no guilt leaving my kids behind to attend BlogHer '12 in New York City this week. None. Zilch. Nada. See ya, kiddos! Mommy (and Daddy!) will be back on Sunday night. Peace. We'll be dropping the boys with my parents on Tuesday afternoon and heading off to the Big Apple for a few days of fun, learning, eating, little sleep and general awesome. Our kids will have a few days of fun, learning, eating, little sleep and general awesome. It's win-win-win-win-win. All around....more
I was really ready to get home and see my kids. But I felt zero guilt leaving them. Why should ...more

Just as much right

The day has arrived, the journey has begun, and I am on my way to BlogHer '12! I've made it from Windsor to Toronto, cleared US customs, eaten some breakfast, and am now enjoying a very welcome cup of Starbucks coffee (nice and strong!) with a couple of hours to kill before my flight to New York begins boarding. ...more
 @Darcie It was a fabulous time and I am SO glad I went! I really had nothing to worry about - ...more

I am a Blogher Newbie

Why Being  Blogher Newbie is a Good Thing...more
@BCauseISdSo I know! We are so boring to to them!more

Last Minute Tips, Advice and Encouragement for BlogHer '12

So... I know that Lori Luna doesn't like countdowns, so I won't give you the exact number, but let's face it: BlogHer '12 is right upon us. If you're attending HealthMinder or Pathfinder Day, you're even closer. Like way close. If this was a hot and cold game, you'd be ON FIRE! But it's not. This, instead, is a last minute post to keep you encouraged, to keep you inspired and to give you some ideas. You've been blogging your socks off in preparation for the conference and saying some really smart things....more
Loved this Jenna and hope I can finally meet you.  more

Where You Can Find Our BlogHer ’12 Sponsors

We are so thrilled for BlogHer ’12 to start in just a couple of days! We know how excited our attendees are to visit the sponsors in their booths, suites and various locations, so this year we’ll make it easy for you by telling you all of the places you can find the BlogHer ’12 sponsors....more
@thatwoman @starbucks I'll join you. Yum.more

Why BlogHer is such a big deal

 As Katie Couric explains, “It would take a pretty fantastic  group of people to convince me to spend a Saturday afternoon during the dog days of summer in a hotel conference room. “...more

BlogHer '12 & travel prep

Slowly but surely, one by one, all of the items on my To Do, To Pack, and To Purchase lists in preparation for my trip to New York City for BlogHer '12 are being checked off. I'm actually starting to feel somewhat prepared to go! ...more

Conference Corner: What Causes Your Pre-Conference Butterflies?

Every year, since my first BlogHer conference in 2008, I've thought, "This is the year I'm not going to panic before the conference. THIS is the year I've *got* this." And, like clockwork, I find myself doing stomach flips the week before, sometimes even the month before, for any number of reasons. Like the Spanish Inquisition, no one expects to get all jittery before the conference, but it happens anyway. We're people. We freak out. Especially when this happens....more
 @JennaHatfield I'll be down there already so we can have  a tea party. m'kay?  more