BlogHer 14- Inspiration

Two years ago, I was at my 20th high school reunion telling people that I was a blogger.  "Wow, there was just a huge conference  last week back in New York," said a friend's husband who lived in New York City.  "Were you there? I mean, my god there were bloggers everywhere!""Oh no, not me, I'm so small," I said sheepishly.  "That conference is BlogHer, it's huge. I don't know what I'd do there."Then I carried on with reunion-ing.  I laughed and drank wine and danced and celebrated....more

Reentry in the raw: home from BlogHer '14

In addition to BlogHer conference recaps, one of the most popular memes flooding Facebook and Twitter is the experience of reentry. Or, readjusting to normal life as it is beyond the inspired confines of 2,000 women giving themselves time to connect -with self and others- and focus and learn.The fact that this is such a common thread is, I believe, indicative of three important things worth consideration:...more

I'm Bringing My Best B-Girl Stance to the Party. Are YOU?

I'll just come right out with it: I damn near lost my mind when BlogHer announced that Rev. Run is appearing at next week's closing party at BlogHer 14.   ...more
LOVE IT!!more