Fall Break Book List

Fall Break is a beautiful thing for teachers. Don't get me wrong, I looooooove my kiddos (obviously), but after 9 weeks of meetings and planning and more meetings and projects and more meetings, I was not going to argue with a whole week off! Woohoo! And when we go back Monday, it'll be the countdown to Thanksgiving! (Where is the year going?!)I decided to make good use of my break and spend my days lazily reading in my bed, on my couch, in the coffee shop, and even outside in the superb fall weather! Here's what I picked to fill my Fall Break:...more

Learning to Think About Other People

Margaret Dilloway is a long time BlogHer community member, and I loved her first book, How to Be an American Housewife, but I let her new novel The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns languish on my to-be-read pile. Sometimes, when I've really loved a debut novel, I am scared to read the author's second book. I will get excited about it, buy it, and then leave it on my nightstand for days worried I won't like it. After picking up The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns, I promptly kicked myself in the backside for not picking it up sooner. I absolutely adored the main character, Gal Garner. ...more
I thought when Gal learned to care for Walters she was accepting the uglier parts of her ...more

The Chaperone: History, Fiction and Louise Brooks

When you step into Laura Moriarty's The Chaperone you are stepping into another world. You will find yourself plunged into 1920s America, where bobbed hair is all the rage, Prohibition is in effect and many things are not quite what they seem. You will met a small town girl and see her rise to fame, and perhaps more surprisingly, you will meet a housewife who completely changes her own future. ...more
I haven't read this book yet, but now I definitely want to. I adore Louise Brooks - she was ...more

Long-Term Consequences of the Lessons of War

I don’t know what was going through Robert Bales’s mind in March, when he quietly picked up his rifle and went house to house shooting anyone he encountered. I have no idea how he arrived at the decision that this was an appropriate course of action. Perhaps it came suddenly. Perhaps he got some bad news from home, or learned he had lost yet another friend. Maybe it was gradual, the cumulative effect of violence pooling within him over time. Maybe what started as a trickle of anger during his first combat deployment grew into a torrent of rage by his fourth. But his action, which we call abhorrent, is visible to us only in its extremity. It is a manifestation, a symptom of the violence in which we have long been engaged. ...more
I think it is easy to forget the long-term consequences of war. We have so many young people ...more

(EXCERPT) You Have No Idea

Dying to know what busy lady Vanessa Williams and her mom wrote about in their new book, BlogHer Book Club pick You Have No Idea? For one thing, nudity. Here's an excerpt to get you started! ...more
There's something to be said for overcoming scandal with grace, and Vanessa (and her mom!) did ...more

Born Wicked: On Being a Sister

How are you like your characters? readers will inevitably ask, and with Born Wicked my answers come easily: I'm not as selfless or brave as Cate. I've never climbed a tree, and I have a black thumb. But like Cate, I am a worrier who has to be pushed into adventures. Like her, I am an introvert. And like her, I am the oldest of three sisters. Let me be clear: my sisters are not Maura and Tess. But I did draw on our relationships to portray the Cahill sisters’ complicated, competitive love. ...more
I felt like the relationship between the sisters was at the forefront, even though the romantic ...more

Will Women Still Like You If You Have Money?

Geneen Roth, the author of BlogHer Book Club pick Lost and Found, talks about losing her life savings to Bernie Madoff. ...more

BlogHer Talks to Stephanie McAfee

We caught up with BlogHer Book Club author Stephanie McAfee recently. Stephanie's debut novel is Diary of a Mad Fat Girl. ...more

(EXCERPT) The Fault in Our Stars

If you haven't had a chance to get your hands on BlogHer Book Club's pick, The Fault in Our Stars, here's an excerpt to get you started. ...more
I literally just finished this book and I absolutely loved it. Like @Rita Arens  I think this ...more

Get to Know John Green

John Green is an award-winning, New York Times-bestselling author whose many accolades include the Printz Medal, a Printz Honor, and the Edgar Award. He has twice been a finalist for the LA Times Book Prize. With his brother, Hank, John is one half of the Vlogbrothers, one of the most popular online video projects in the world. His latest book, The Fault in Our Stars is a BlogHer Book Club pick. ...more