The Truth About the Mad Fat Road to Redemption

In March of 2007, I was happily married with a good job as a Spanish teacher, a nice home which I owned, and a fully-loaded black-on-black Maxima that I dearly loved. I had a very comfortable life with only one small problem: I was bored. So when my husband came home from work one day and said he wanted to join the Army (like my brother had done six months prior), I was all for it. Fast forward to March of 2010: I was an Army wife who had just quit a part-time job as a Math Interventionist (yes, you read that right, and no, I am not a math teacher), and I was driving a 1996 Land Rover which I parked in the driveway of our rental home. Downward spiral? I’d say so. ...more
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Why I Wrote The Rules of Inheritance

In some ways I began writing this book a long time ago. I’ve always been a writer, ever since I was a little girl. Putting pen to paper, and later fingertips to a keyboard, is something I’ve always gravitated towards. When my mother died when I was eighteen, I had no idea how to process the loss, and so I turned to writing. It was the only way I could make sense of my new world, the one in which I was a girl without a mother. ...more
I too write about grief, a topic I've covered for the past 20 years. I've also lost my sister ...more

BlogHer Talks to Claire Bidwell Smith

We talked to BlogHer Publishing Network member Claire Bidwell Smith about her BlogHer Book Club pick, The Rules of Inheritance. Here's what she had to say! ...more
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Diary of a Mad Fat Girl: Chiweenies, Friendship & One Amazing Self-Publishing Story

A good publishing story is a bit like a good fairy tale. It should have a quest, challenges, and above all, a happy ending. Stephanie McAfee, the author of our latest BlogHer Book Club selection, has all three. She also has the delightfully funny debut novel, Diary of a Mad Fat Girl. ...more
I saw a chiweenie on the way home tonight, and got all stupidly excited. I wish I'd taken a ...more

(EXCERPT) Diary of a Mad Fat Girl

Haven't had a chance to pick up BlogHer Book Club's pick, Diary of a Mad Fat Girl yet? Here's an excerpt to get you started. ...more

BlogHer Talks to Eleanor Brown

We caught up with Eleanor Brown, author of BlogHer Book Club pick The Weird Sisters right before she left on her month-long book tour. ...more
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(EXCERPT) The Rules of Inheritance

Haven't had a chance to pick up BlogHer Book Club's pick The Rules of Inheritance? Here's an excerpt to get you started. ...more

Get to Know Claire Bidwell Smith

BlogHer Book Club is reading Claire Bidwell Smith's memoir, The Rules of Inheritance. Here's more about Claire! ...more
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You'll Never Feel Like an Adult

I remember being young and doing the math to determine how old I would be in the year 2000. The turn of the millennia seemed impossibly far away, and the age I would be at that time seemed impossibly old. And yet here we are, twelve years after that magic number, and I haven’t yet crumbled to dust. ...more
I thought one day I would wake up and turn on the world news and know what the hell they were ...more

Get to Know Eleanor Brown

Eleanor Brown is the New York Times and national-bestselling author of BlogHer Book Club pick The Weird Sisters, hailed by People magazine as “a delightful debut” and “creative and original” by Library Journal. ...more
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