Must-Follow Monday: The BlogHer '14 Veteran Mentors

We're super-excited about the BlogHer Buddy System and want to help you get to know the veteran BlogHers who volunteered to be mentors for the program. They're awesome women and if you aren't currently following them, take a few minutes and do so now. You won't regret it....more
DarryleP It's such a good idea. ~Annemore

Happy New You!

Once a year it happens. Starting over in a big way. Everybody. All at once. Once a year, the old year goes out and the new year comes in. As soon as the ball drops at Times Square in New York City, those of us here on the East Coast, know the New Year is starting and the train has left the station!...more
@LetThemEatGreat Fondle? Need to proofread better..I just get SO EXCITED when I see ...more