First Time Business BlogHer attendee says, "I'm Probably The Oldest Person In The Room."

At 8:30 this moring she walked up to the 12 person table where I was seated and asked me, " Are all these seats taken?" There were just four of us at the table and I said, " Sit down." Her name is Terry Gamer. This is her first blogging conference. She is 64 years old and until four months ago she didn't know a blog from a Twitter. She doesn't have a blog. She's thinking about starting one but not quite sure what she would write about. ...more

I just listened to the interview and she doesn't sound all that old to me. Me thinks she is ...more

BlogHer Business Day One: Social Media Outreach Case Studies

Case Study #1: General Motors Synopsis: Last November General Motors approached podcasters The Manic Mommies about sponsoring the first-ever Manic Mommies Escape Weekend. GM’s sponsorship focused primarily on providing transportation options toattendees. ...more

First thanks to Rita and all the other live bloggers for keeping those of us who could not ...more

BlogHer Business Day One: State of the Social Media World

Speakers: Jory Des Jardins, Elisa Camahort Page, Lisa Stone   Lisa: BlogHer is in its fourth conference year. The ad network reaches 8-9 MM uniques a month. We are in the big time now. ...more

BlogHer Business '08 Buttons: "I'm Going!" and "I'm Speaking!"

With BlogHer Business only six weeks away, we thought it was high time to provide your blog bling. What's that? You're not registered yet? You can sign up right here. (And if you're not quite sure if you're going to go, you can always check out the agenda, speakers, and other attendees who'll be there first.) But for those of you who are planning to be there, why not say it loud and proud: ...more

And nope, you haven't missed them.  :-)

Stay tuned!

BlogHer Community ...more

Have you checked out the BlogHer Business agenda lately?

The BlogHer Business agenda is almost fully fleshed out and waiting for you to check it and see! Of course there's no rest for the wicked, and I can tell you that any day now I'm about to announce the BlogHer '08 tracks and issue our call for ideas for that, but I don't want to let the amazing women lined up to speak at BlogHer Business get lost in the shuffle. ...more

BlogHer Conference Site is Live, and Registration is Open, Open, Open

It gives me great pride and pleasure to announce that our new BlogHer Conferences section of the site is now open for business. Not only that, but registration is also open for both BlogHer Business this April 3/4 in New York and BlogHer '08 this July 18-20 in San Francisco. I'd like to particularly thank BlogHer's Community Manager Denise Tanton, BlogHer's Events & Marketing Manager Kristy Sammis, and BlogHer's Marketing Programs Coordinator Joy Johnson for working their butts off to make all of the above happen. ...more

Hi Corinna:

I just forwarded you the confirmation email we got when your registered,

Elisa ...more

The BlogHer Business '08 Call for Ideas

This April BlogHer returns to New York City to put on our second annual BlogHer Business Conference, and we are looking for ideas. Ideas for panel topics for one of our two break-out tracks. Ideas for great case studies. Ideas for must-have speakers. ...more

Hi Amy...I did indeed see that, and I have every intention of complying, although I will likely ...more

BlogHer in 2008: Reach!

Today we are proud to announce our entire 2008 schedule of events, centered around one unifying theme: Reach! BlogHer in 2008 will include a second annual BlogHer Business, the fourth annual BlogHer Conference and the introduction of a brand new BlogHer event: The BlogHer Reach Out Tour. The BlogHer Reach Out Tour will stop at 6 cities on the East Coast and across the South. Yup, we're growing from 2 events in 2007 to 8 events in 2008! ...more

My big suggestion would be to come to Kansas City.  It is right here in the Heartland, and it ...more