BlogHer Conferences in Pictures: BlogHer '10, Not in NYC But With You in Spirit (UPDATED PICTURES!)

Updated with more photos of those who will be with BlogHer in spirit but not in New York City -- get yours added today if you can't make it. ...more

It was my first BlogHer conference so you and I have not met before, but I did get to take a ...more

(SLIDESHOW) Official BlogHer 10 Conference Photographer

The official BlogHer conference photographer is making the rounds. Here's what the camera has seen so far! ...more

OFFICIAL BLOGHER '10 LIVEBLOG: BlogHer Business Case Study: Lion Brand Yarn

Welcome to the liveblog of the BlogHer Business '10 panel: Best Practices Case Study #3: Lion Brand Yarn - The Craft of Community NOTE: Please note that the case study visuals are attached as a PowerPoint, and can be downloaded by scrolling down to the "Attachment" section. Paull Young: Rare social media case study that can actually be measured. Brought his mom from Australia to BlogHer two years ago, had a great conversation while standing in Macy's, drinking champagne sponsored by KY Jelly. :) Ilana Rabinowitz: Wanted to connect directly with consumers. ...more

OFFICIAL BLOGHER '10 LIVEBLOG: BlogHer Business - Measuring and Monitoring: Social Media Marketing

Welcome to the liveblog of the BlogHer Business '10 panel: Measuring and Monitoring: The Case for Social Media Marketing INFO: ...more

Pregnant and Packing for BlogHer '10: Adventures in Belly Fitting

Everyone is nervous their first time, even when they're sure to be surrounded by awesome and supportive women.  Add to that the anxiety that comes with traveling while pregnant and dressing oneself without the aide of a trusted spouse and tween. Now you're walking in my shoes--which BTW are two sizes larger than they were 6 months ago....more

BlogHer '10: What I'm Packing

Are you caught up in the frenzy of worry about what to wear to BlogHer '10? Well worry no more -- I'm here to tell you what I'll be wearing. I'm serving as a guide of sorts as to what you might like to throw in your suitcase for a summertime trip to New York City. In August. Where you'll spend half of your time outdoors, melting. And the other half of your time, indoors wondering if a blizzard is on its way. ...more

Wait - we have to wear CLOTHES???

Why didn't anyone TELL me this?

JustLinda ...more

BlogHer Conference in Pictures: 2006

So many photos, so little time. We're putting up your 2006 conference photos as fast as we can. Here is what we have so far! ...more

BlogHer Conference in Pictures: 2008

So many photos, so little time. We're putting up your 2008 conference photos as fast as we can. Here is what we have so far! ...more

Makes me glad I brought my camera and actually used it for once.

Celeste Lindell

Make Your Reservations Now: New York City Dining Splurges To Consider During BlogHer ‘10

In my admittedly biased opinion, there is no area of the country with better food than the San Francisco Bay Area. But New York? Along with Chicago, it definitely gives the Bay Area a run for its money, and that’s why it’s worth giving some thought now to where to eat during BlogHer ‘10. ...more


That's a good question -- I'm not sure!

--- Genie, more

Oh Old Spice Man, Are You Trying To Break My Heart?

Dear Old Spice guy, I've loved you for months now, ever since you rode into my life on a horse, smelling like jet fighters and punching and offering diamonds and two tickets to that thing I love. I followed you on twitter and facebook. And just recently you returned to swan dive into the best night of my life. I've been deliriously happy ever since. Until yesterday, that is. ...more

I wonder if P&G is aware of the fact that we'd all like Mustafa to come to BlogHer - I mean, ...more