Oh Old Spice Man, Are You Trying To Break My Heart?

Dear Old Spice guy, I've loved you for months now, ever since you rode into my life on a horse, smelling like jet fighters and punching and offering diamonds and two tickets to that thing I love. I followed you on twitter and facebook. And just recently you returned to swan dive into the best night of my life. I've been deliriously happy ever since. Until yesterday, that is. ...more

I wonder if P&G is aware of the fact that we'd all like Mustafa to come to BlogHer - I mean, ...more

Mother's Guilt Begins: Contemplating Third Trimester Travel to BlogHer

Mentally I cross off a business trip to Chicago and my high school reunion, which would take place in the two weeks before the conference. These are the sacrifices I must make as a mom to be. But no. Not my conference. Lunch with H-band after the appointment was tense. "I don't think she knows that this isn't just a blogging conference, it's my company's conference. MY company's conference." "Oh I think she does." ...more
Dog training is great as your pet will follow your orders and understand you and therefore human ...more

Announcing: The BlogHer '10 Call for Volunteers!

* * *Update: The Call for Volunteers closed as of Monday, February 15, 2010. Thank you to everyone who applied. We will contact you by February 23rd with notification whether you were selected.* * *Ohhhhhhh, BlogHers. The time is nigh. Today we are announcing our BlogHer '10 Call for Volunteers!We’re looking for a few good women (hey men: we like you, too!) who are interested in working at BlogHer ’10. In exchange, we’ll give you free admission to the conference, which includes all keynotes, break-out sessions, breakfasts, lunches and cocktail parties ($300 value)....more

I'm so bummed I let this slip under my radar! Should anyone back out, I would love to apply. ...more

The BlogHer Community's Most Loved Posts of 2009

Ever wonder what's hot, really hot, with the BlogHer community? We can help: Introducing the BlogHer Community's Most Loved Posts of 2009. From Jimmy Carter to Cake Wrecks, your reading habits represent the diversity of interest that makes up our community. We'd love to know what you think of this list -- your faves? anything we missed? -- as we take a minute to reflect on BlogHer's biggest stories of 2009. ...more

I'm honored that one of my posts made the "most-loved for 2009" list, but I wrote that post ...more

Top 10 Things I'm Psyched For @Blogher09

In two days, I’ll be heading to Chicago to my very first blogging conference. When I started this blog seven months ago, I had no idea that there were so many bloggers out there. And now, I get to meet about 1,400 of them. Or at least 5. Including my roommies, (Rachel and Julia) who graciously are letting me crash in their room. ...more

Better Late than Never

So, among my New Year's resolutions was to reach out and (virtually) touch someone. Specifically, to reach out to writers and would-be writers beyond my own little corner of the world. Very specifically, to get a tad more active here at Blogher. Somehow, I sort kinda forgot all about that goal till today. But hey, better late than never! AND, I was all set to reach out at a Blogher conference, but Chicago? In the (sorta, kinda) words of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, "Chicago. Why does it have to be Chicago?" ...more

South first then Canada 

Maria Melo



Should I Attend BlogHer '09?

Every year, we announce that our annual BlogHer event will have something for everyone. And every year, we get lots of feedback like: I don't think I'm a big or important enough to go... I won't know anyone there.. I can't go, I'm a dude! I'm not techie enough for a blog conference... I'm way too techie for a blog conference... So in case you -- or someone you know -- is feeling hesitant, here's our take. Please pass it on! For new and beginning bloggers ...more

Hi Elisa

Can't say I really have the readership to ask for help that way (I think I ...more

Blogher conference

I'd like to hear from some of you who have attended the previous BloGher conferences. I am thinking about attending the 2009 conference. Thanks. -RFW ...more

BlogHer Boston - The Liveblogs

BlogHer Boston kicks off bright and early on October 11, 2008. This is the place to find the liveblogs, which will be posted shortly after the sessions end. Check back often as the links go live! * * * * * * * ...more

You can view footage I streamed live of the Final Keynote from my phone at: more

What's With All The Swearing, Mommy Bloggers?

Liz, thanks for the comment. I think I'm just seeing it so much on blogs these days that it ...more