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Last month's BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12 Conference is one that's near and dear to my heart, and to Lisa and Jory's. We know that we could never have sustained building BlogHer over these last seven years without mentorship, without expanding and deepening our networks, and without taking advantage of the many resources and support systems out there for small businesses. We hope this conference helps other entrepreneurs find resources and support....more
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The Buzz Before BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12

Updated: BlogHer Entrepreneurs ‘12 kicks off today in Santa Clara, CA for two days of learning, mentoring, networking and connecting. The buzz on Twitter and blogs is picking up as people are already traveling and getting excited for the event. I’ve been following along, a bit bummed I can’t attend with all of these amazing women, and thought I’d share some of that fun and inspiring buzz with you. As you'll see via these tweets, the official Twitter hashtag for the conference is #blogherent12. Be sure to follow along today and Friday, as we know our conference attendees are great at sharing pertinent quotes, amazing photos and fun snippets of conversation throughout their experience. We'll have day-in-tweet recaps, liveblogs starting this evening, and an overall post-conference buzz post, so keep checking back over the next days! ...more
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On The Road to Santa Clara

Excited about the Blogher Entrepreneurs '12 in Santa Clara. Looking forward to great connections and learning a lot, also being mentored sounds wonderful. Will be spending some of that weekend with my son Joe Petroni who is also attending from Portland. So maximum fun, learning and meeting new people. ...more

Kathryn Finney & Nelly Yusupova Answer: Did You Always Know You Would Be an Entrepreneur?

BlogHer Entrepreneurs ‘12 is in a week and two days! Over the next few days, we plan on bringing you some great interview questions with some of our speakers and mentors. Why? Maybe you can’t attend and you want to know more about how you can make the most of a great idea you’ve been considering. Maybe you’re on the fence about grabbing one of our few remaining tickets. Maybe you’re just curious about how people take an idea and turn it into a business. Whatever the case, we wanted to share some of the awesome people behind our conference this year, beyond what their speaker profiles have to say....more
Excited for our #prelimpowerpanel for the #handbagawards on 4/29 - are you in? @KathrynFinney ...more

Business Advice That Might Convince You to Attend BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12

Talk to any successful person, and I’d place money that they would have something to say about the person or people who helped them get where they are today. Whether directly or indirectly, no one really sails a ship to success island alone. That’s why BlogHer Entrepreneurs is awesome for those of you looking to set sail this year in your business endeavors -- or even just start building your boat....more
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BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12: Meet Our First Group of Mentors

Last month we announced our second annual event for entrepreneurial women, this March at the Citrix Executive Briefing Center in Santa Clara, CA.I am now proud to unveil the first group of amazing women leaders and role models who have signed on to share their experience, their expertise and their advice with our 100 attendees. They represent the sharpest minds in technology, social, and media, and they are ready to help the next generation of innovators and creators.Without further ado, many thanks to this first group of confirmed mentors for BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12....more
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