Why Ride a Pink Limo in Toronto for Parties

To be happy is a desire everyone is always looking after. No one will make you happier if you are not able to keep yourself happy. That is just but in case. There are events which when well organized, no matter how “stiff” you are, you will get the party mood and feel rejuvenated....more

Tips for Choosing a Wedding Limo Company in Toronto

There is no doubt that a great deal of wedding takes place every other day but not each one of them is auspicious. To make a wedding memorable to both the guest and couple, it needs to have distinct aspects that beat any other wedding.Have you ever thought of using a limousine for the event instead of ordinary cars? Yeah! Why? You ought to get a limo experience during your wedding because it only happens once (wedding) and indeed if twice, and it will be with another person....more


DESTINY.......I simply wonder sometimes why some people think that their DESTINY awaits down the Wrong Roads in life.....I do believe in 2 kinds of Destiny....The Good Destiny and a Bad Destiny....The Bad Destiny can easily be found on the Wrong Roads one knowingly takes......The wrong directions lead to the wrong places not the RIGHT DESTINY.....When ones wants to find the right DESTINY....DESTINY will work with you....on the Right Roads......in the RIGHT DIRECTION......more

San Diego to Arizona. Day 11 of 16 - The Epic Journey, 3000 miles, the Pacific Coast :)

 We got up in the morning ready to take our epic drive across the desert, worried about how the car would cope we drove first to a jiffy lube for a coolant flush. It took about an hour so Carlos and I walked around La Mesa, the town we were staying in outside San Diego....more