What's in your closet?

This post was totally inspired by the conversation that my post who are you… generated on BlogHer.  Darcie, Angela, Robin, Virginia this one is for you!...more
i LOVE my closet Too!!   All the Sweaters are on top of the Dresser in a pile of ...more

Progress and BlogHer Friends

Yesterday I decided to follow the advice of two of my BlogHer friends. Jerrilynn http://www.blogher.com/my-new-motto-0 said, "The world will not end if you take an hour for yourself, I promise." So I followed her advice and worked on my Large Needlepoint Project http://momsthekraken.com/kraken-music/ for an hour. Slowly...oh so slowly I'm making progress. ...more
 @Kraken It was my pleasure.more