Healthy Gifts You "Knead" on Your Holiday List

As you’re making your holiday list this year, consider giving a gift that will help your special someone work out the kinks and feel more relaxed. At The Professional Hypochondriac, we’re all about the benefits of massage therapy. Here are some ways you can give the gift of massage all year long. We recommend buying an extra one for yourself – after all, what’s more stressful than holiday shopping?Original Jacknobber II About $9...more
You are so welcome! @isthisthemiddlemore

Holiday Shopping - Keep It Local

You've made your list of gift recipients (you do have a list, don't you?) and now you need to get some shopping done.  Do you put on your jammies and fire up your laptop or do you fill up your gas tank and summon your good parking karma?...more

Holiday Shopping - Hello World Wide Web

In part one of our holiday shopping guide, we stayed close to home and explored what locally owned shops had to offer.  Now, let's head out to the world wide web and find the best places to shop online.  Because it's hard to beat shopping without leaving your bedroom!...more

Nine Great Holiday Gifts for the Home

So no, we're not advocating putting these under the tree with "To Our Wonderful Home" on the gift tag - because, duh, the house doesn't have opposable thumbs to unwrap the box.  However, we think these are great gift ideas for friends and family who like practical, usable gifts....more

Tech Gifts for the Holidays

Ah, tech gifts.  The ones many of us drool about and long to receive.  That makes it an easy category for recommendations - so listen to me and run out and buy a new Macbook Pro, a Kindle Fire, a fancy new smartphone, and/or the beloved iPad for that special person on your gift list.  What, you say?  You already KNOW about those obvious choices and you want something different, maybe a bit less expensive.  You're in just the right place.......more
The one tech gift that I think is absolutely awesome that is not on this list is the Livescribe ...more

Holiday Gifts to Make Someone Smile

I love a gift that brings a grin to my face.  Something that's part cute, part sassy, part really good looking.  Here's a few I found that I thought were worth sharing!...more
These are great, I have to say I am very partial to the ceramic pig speaker. I'm going to submit ...more

8 Gift Ideas for Sports Lovers

Great gift ideas for your favorite sports enthusiast!...more

Top Gifts for Boys of All Ages This Year

If you have a boy on your holiday shopping list and you feel stumped, don’t worry. I’m here with a list of ideas for gifts for boys anywhere from newborn to college-aged. Whether he’s still playing pat-a-cake or multi-player first person shooter games on XBOX, there’s a gift on here for him. I’ve rounded up some of the newest and hottest gifts for boys* this season and put them all in one list for you. You’re welcome!...more
I can't believe you suggested Modern Warfare? Totally violent and unacceptable for any age in ...more

8 Hot Hanukkah Gift Ideas to Make Your Latkes Melt

The Maccabees fought against oppression and won their religious freedom, culminating into what we know as Hanukkah.  More than 2000 years later, the modern day world rejoices, yet wages its own war against paying retail prices during this, our high season.  With enough selection to make your head spin like an out of control dreidel, try this chosen gift guide to make your Hanukkah shopping less painful than sitting next to your great aunt Fritzie during the holidays.  These hot items could make even Bubbe’s bacon latke poppers look tepid.  ...more

2010 Gift Guide: 8 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Those Who Blog

The holidays are a great time for stereotyping. Every year by mid-November, we’re inundated with gift ideas for that special -- albeit cookie-cutter -- someone. Bloggers, of course, are treated no differently. We thought it was high time people got creative, so we made our own blogger gift guide. ...more

My favorite (and one which I can totally relate to) is the Personal Stenographer... it's so true ...more