A Little Introduction

Hey, this is Amy I will be blogging here now regularly I blog using WordPress and Tumblr but I want to contribute my knowledge here as well. To those who don't know me and have not read my blogs you would know that I'm pretty laid back and I love to write about what ever is in my mind. I like to write about makeup and fashion tips even sometimes I like to discuss simple web design and traffic generation ideas....more

This is me, intro!

“Please allow me to introduce myself,” hahaha, I always wanted to say that! But seriously, let me tell you a little more about myself. I’m thirty-something, I’m single and I am a little bit sarcastic. I am an Assistant Manager at Dollar Tree, the best one in Laredo, located in the downtown area. I work five days a week, and I really look forward to my two days off!!! I love my co-workers, yeah you read right, I do, well almost all of them. Currently I am living in Mexico, in Nuevo Laredo which is a city right on the border. Everyday I work I have to cross the bridge to Laredo, Texas....more

Welcoming Self to Blogher

I am intrigued by the constant human need to belong. Being an first generation immigrant whose family is still back in the homeland, "belonging" anywhere can be a bit difficult. When I am "home" in New York City, I am a foreigner. When I'm "back-home" in Barranquilla (Colombia) I am a visitor. ...more
Welcome to this blog where women write about everything.  You know you would want to be careful ...more

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to 2inPink!! I'm so excited to get my new blog up and running. I feel like exciting things are in the future! Let's do a little "about me" really quick. I'm 31 years old born and raised in Los Angeles. I met my hubby in 2000 and it was love at first sight...well...sort of anyways. We got married in 2005 and had our first daughter in 2008. We then decided we wanted to add to the chaos and my youngest daughter was born in 2011. I'm a SAHM and try to enjoy every second I have with my girls. As crazy as they can drive me I wouldn't change it for the world!...more
@Darcie Thank you!!  There is NEVER a dull moment in our house :)  I'm having fun looking around ...more

The New Girl

 This is my first blog with blogher; I am excited to share a bit of me and my life with the blogher community. I am also excited to see what opportunities come from this experience.  ...more

1st entry-Hola amigos

Or better yet, soon to become amigos? I kid....more

Let me introduce myself

“Go back a little to leap further.” John ClarkeAs a young girl I was blessed to have the most amazing person living under my roof. My hero, my father. He quit grammar school to help my grandmother when my grandfather passed. When I grow up the thing that impressed me the most was that he was an incredible talented mechanic, carpenter, cabinet maker, plumber, inventor and this was after working 40 hours as an industrial mechanic. I loved watching and helping him to create things. Oh, the good times!...more

Just my First BlogHer Post

Well, I've just joined Blogher and figure an introduction might do. I had a choice of tags, so I added the "Between Christian" tag so that, ahem, between you and me, let me just say: I am a Christian! And now you know. So you can decide if you want to write me off immediately ("conservative right-wing freaks!"), OR, you can take a closer look. (Sister?!)...more
Welcome! BlogHer is a wonderful community! I hope you make yourself at home, share your ...more

My First BlogHer Post

If you've been dying to encounter someone who took two hours to figure out how to clear her cache and upload an appropriately cropped BlogHer photo, then it's your lucky day. My name is Brook and I'm here to make new friends and keep the old, 'cuz one is silver and the other's gold. Last night was Girl Scout World Thinking Day so I'm in that kind of mood....more
A Thousand Points of Sauce! I love it! Happy blogging, and I'll look forward to those ...more