BlogHer Loves Shoes, But You Knew That, Didn't You?

It was that time again....last week!  I even scheduled the shoe shot on the calendar so that we could have maximum footwear represented. But alas, work has gotten in my way, what with BlogHer Food '13 right around the corner.  So my fun work had to wait.  But I did get to wear my fun black Taryn Rose sandals with the bling on them.  I have to apologize to my colleagues at BlogHer for the noise that they make (flap, flap, flap) but I won't give them up! ...more

BlogHer Loves ALL Shoes: Our Most Unfashionable Kicks!

Not quite sure about where this week's April Fools tradition came from (and too lazy to look it up right now), but we thought in honor of this odd custom, what if you had to show off your least fashionable shoes? And what if, like me, you had too many to choose from? ...more
crocs win. they are so ugly but functional!more

BlogHer Loves Shoes for Spring & Spring Holidays

Spring officially arrived last week and we weren't able to post our shoe shot as we were on site at BlogHer Entrepreneurs, hosted by Skype.  For more information about this conference, check out our Virtual Con....more
I LOVE shoes! I buy one for every occasion.  I buy two or three from each color.  I have about ...more

BlogHer Loves Shoes: In Honor of St. Patrick's Day!

There were a few ladies at BlogHer,who would rather shop for shoes than play Frogger.We wore shoes of green and/or goldish,in honor of Saint Pat's snake-free wish,and hopefully provide fodder for bloggers. Share your own Shoe Shot on our BlogHer Loves Shoes Tumblr or in the comments (leave a link to your photo!)  If you opt to tweet, the hashtag is #BlogHerLovesShoes...more
OMG...I have to go back to Payless and buy the gold sparkly flats.more

The Thursday Shoe Shot: We Are Trend Setters!

Clearly, we BlogHers are on to something here! First, it was Nine West, and now DSW is following our lead. Look what we discovered this week: Shoe lovers unite! And now, on to the business of Thursday. Our theme this week is funky/textured/cool. We are keeping things fresh with some asymmetry, lots of suede, a few sparkles, ribbons, laces, and as always, loads of fun....more
I WANT those sparkly Toms! LOVE!more