Daily Living with Intention

In this episode of Reflective Fridays, I share a personal story about living with intention. Sometimes it can feel like a struggle to make it through the day – especially when it feels like you have been thrown one or one hundred curve balls throughout the day!Why does that happen? How is it that sometimes the day just gets away from us??!?!...more

9 Kids' Board Books That Won't Feel Like Bored Books to Parents

Before I had Ella, I didn't I realize how many weird children's books are out there. I had images of us happily reading for hours, tickled pink by the wide array of stimulating prose and lovely illustrations we would encounter (okay, that's a little much). I was mostly thinking about the classics, like Goodnight Moon, or The Runaway Bunny. While we have had a lot of fun reading together, I've realized that a lot of kids' books are just plain boring or annoying! And, of course, those are often the ones they decide to become obsessed with, right? ...more

Can We Trash The Mom Guilt?

Can We Trash Some of the Mom Guilt?Guilt is not a novel concept. It been around at least as long as Jewish mothers’ (ask any kid who took too long to return their mom’s phone call). The WASP’s have their guilt too; quieter and with a cashmere sweater tied around the shoulder, but it’s still there. But the mom’s of Generation Z are the new reigning queens of guilt. A dose of guilt is now being delivered with the placenta....more

Mother's Day Must Haves Under $50

Happy Monday Luvs! Unless you've been under a rock somewhere you know that Mother's Day is just around the corner! While you might not know if you'll be spending the day being pampered in bed or being treated out to one of your favorite restaurants, One things for sure, You will want to look Great! So go ahead and take your time and focus on what you want to get for that special Mother figure in your life and leave the looking great part to me!...more

How Kids Can Give Back and Have Fun

During the holidays, children are primarily focused on what they’re going to get for Christmas. What will Santa bring? Will I get bigger gifts than my friends? But it’s important to instill a sense of giving early on with children....more

Oyster Crackers: Perfect snack for the kids!

Do you want to know what really amazes me?  How people can spend hours and days and weeks studying something and still get it wrong, but then can recall every detail of a memory down to a smell from so far back in their childhood.  One of my fondest memories as a child, you guessed it - something to do with food, is going to my grandma's house in Louisiana....more

4 Month Baby Update

This can't be real. Four Months. Nope. Don't believe you. Regardless, she had her 4 month check up this morning. She's doing GREAT! Growing and thriving! Makes this mama so very happy. :) Here are her stats: ...more
Denise  thanks Denise :)more

Why You Got That Speeding Ticket

Hey, Good Lookin!OK, you might think I'm crazy to say this, but even a speeding ticket has a bright side!  Here's the story......more

Everyone HAS one, but no one ever wants to share it! Enough already... I'll show you MINE if you show me YOURS!

We all have one: that embarrassing moment, when you realize that you just did something really, really stupid and pray that there were no witnesses. I remember my first. ...more