My Love Kitchen Rules

Hi, it's great to see you!Are you sick & tired of the family feeling depressed or in bad moods or the kids playing up?Do you want to make a happier home? We have found it very interesting that we seem to be able to change lots of moods & bad behaviour by the foods we eat, here's how we feel happier & healthier.1. Sad or depressed - An omega like chia seeds with a GLA like blackcurrants or starflowers help us feel happier fast....more

Choosing Wise Food Combinations

I'm somewhat perplexed by the concept of food combining. Yes, it has been around for thousands of years, but does it really work? In our western diet, it seems that it would be difficult. Normally food is eaten by meals which contain many of the combinations that are not recommended to eat together such as a protein (fish) and a starch (rice) or a milk product (yogurt) with fruit....more

Let's Talk Health Food...

Emma Intern (this is her new nickname and I think she really likes it!) told me that she had an idea for a blog post. Something that we could do together and it involved an outing to one of her favorite places.I got so excited! Emma is a college student, so I naturally called on my own college experience to imagine where she might be taking me....more Thanks, Robin! For some reason, the video isn't showing up- come check out ...more

No Wonder everyone's drinking Shakes!

Rice...... and ARSENIC!!!  ~ Listeria in Spinach!I love rice! Especially since I have been watching what I eat and trying to live a healthier lifestyle.  I have even finally learned to "like" brown rice.  Now....,in the reports they suggested that you eat "white" vs. "brown" because the white rice is prewashed and bleached, thus reducing the levels of arsenic we would take into our bodies.  They also suggest that you double the quantity of water to each cup of rice; won't that make your rice Gummy? Hate that!...more

How do I turn Groceries into Dinner?

   As a busy working mom of 3 small children with a husband who's busier than a bee and a self-diagnosed shopaholic ...more


I called my husband in tears this morning....more

Be Careful Little Mouth

Maeve has this Sunday school CD and it's on repeat. Every song is stored well in my brain and I can't help but wince when I hear the opening farm animal noises, signaling the start of "Noahs Ark" song. Not that I don't like the Noah song. It's great- and I love hearing my kids praise their King with their voices. There's another song on the CD that we listen to quite frequently: O Be Careful, Little Eyes. It goes like this: ...more

Are You Advertising Your Life on Your Car?

Ever think about what the bumper of your car says about you and your family?...more