Use Your Words!

How many times have you heard another mom say, "Now Sammy, use your words?" How many times have you said it? I think, perhaps, that this absolutely hysterical bit of comedy from Darlene Westgor at Rooftop Comedy serves as a reminder to be careful what you ask for... because you just might get it!...more
I love the wit of comedians, especially when they can comment on the ordinary and expose the ...more

(VIDEO) My Son Wants to Find Himself

It's time for another mid-week BlogHer Moms Giggle! This week Teri Foltz tackles the topic of her son wanting to "find himself." While my sons are still young and thus busy finding me (even when I don't want to be found), I think I'll have to remember a few of her one-liners in this hilarious video from Rooftop Comedy. Have you been given the "I'm trying to find myself" line? How did you respond?...more

(VIDEO) My Kids Are Exhausting

Do you need a mid-week laugh? The BlogHer Moms Giggle is back up and ready to help you make it through the rest of your week. We'll be bringing you some great videos from Rooftop Comedy on Wednesdays that will tickle your mom funny bone. I thought we should kick it off with this one by Karen Bergreen entitled "My Kids Are Exhausting." Can I get an amen? ...more