5 Cardboard Crafts to Get You Through Vacation

Buried in boxes yet? I sure am. Tis the season. It seems like only two weeks ago I was rummaging in cupboards and under the stairs, trying to hunt up something suitable to mail gifts in. Now I've got a pile growing in the garage that looks like the leaning Tower of Pisa, ready to take out a passerby with one misstep. It seems to always happen this time of year, when we flex the muscles of our Amazon Prime membership enough to keep an entire UPS truck route devoted to dropping packages on our doorstep....more

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids- Project 2

 Hello everyone and welcome to our second post on "Easy Spring Crafts for Kids".  PROJECT #2 Colorful Mini Flower Pot  ...more

For the Love of Crafting - $100 Jo-Ann Gift Card Giveaway!

TextilboxUS is celebrating the LOVE OF CRAFTING this February!  ...more

DIY: Kids Art Temporary Tattoo

There are many challenging things about being a parent and most of those challenges were to be expected, since I read about them in parenting books.  But the one challenge I was not prepared for was the abundant amount of art my child would produce and endless decisions of what to do with it all.  Every scribble, stroke, and dot-a-dot is precious but soon turns into piles and piles and more piles of mini-masterpieces.  Does anyone else have a pang of guilt when a few of these masterpieces are tossed in the recycling?...more

Create a Kid's Play Shop!

Here's a really cheap and easy way to make a play shop for your little one. ...more
Denise Thanks so much, Denise! xoxmore

School Days - Fists and Furies

School Days - Fists and Furies...more

At-Home Stem Craft Projects

With the United States lagging behind other developed nations in science and math, and a national shortage of qualified engineers restraining technological progress, it is never too early to get your children interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects. These are three simple experiments that can be done at home to introduce your children to science and math concepts, like physics and water density: ...more

A Vow to Post the Ugly

I loved this quick article about ugly kid crafts. ...more