5 Science-based tips to guide kids' media use

 How to choose apps your pediatrician would approve Do you feel like a bad parent when you distract your toddler with a smartphone app while waiting at a store? It’s not so bad; after all, it is an educational toy. Right?!...more

The End of a Chapter

I vividly remember during my working days pre-motherhood, time always seemed to be set to slow-motion. The hours, days and weeks would idle by and I was counting the minutes until the weekend and holidays. Mondays were a real drag. The long drive home was always a mad rush, even though I was stuck in peak hour traffic for a couple of hours every night. But, now that I am a mother, the time seems to be going at a million miles an hour. I blink and my kids are no longer babies any more....more

Frozen Themed Birthday Morning Surprise

Come visit me on my blog, follow on social media and here on Blogher! It'll be a lot of fun! :)...more

OMG! OMG! I just had the best corn dog of my life. I can't wait to post a picture of it on Facebook! ~ Everyone on Facebook

Unless you're a food critic for the New York Times, I really don't give a shit what you had for lunch, and I especially don't need a picture of it to prove how good it might have been. And guess what? I already know what you look like; we've been friends since high school, so please stop posting those ridicules selfies every three hours to show everyone how great your camera filter works....more

Be careful what you wish for. Especially if you wish you were your mother!

Let's hope she sets her sights a little higher...She's only six, so it should be no surprise that she still puts me up on a shimmering glass pedestal whenever I walk into the room (minus the stripper pole, of course). But I don't deserve it....more


I just finished reading this article.  Then I kissed and hugged two of my kids, the third one not being home at the moment. Then I sat to reflect on it. ...more

When the Fruit Falls So Far it's in Another Orchard.

My room looks like this:Anna's room looks like this:...more
I can relate to this. I'd make The BB clean her room, but sometimes the effort is just not worth it.more

First Grade Is Getting To Be Too Much

Some parents say that schools give our kids too much homework.  I don't think my daughter's workload is excessive, but maybe I'm oblivious to the signs?  Is this spellng assignment a cry for help?...more
Denise Pour one for me while you're at it!more

Types Of Mommies- 1

Make time for kids!“My mother seems to have taken over the CBI. She acts skeptical all the time. She’s been constantly interrogating me.”...more