Baby nail cutting expert (#NaBloPoMo - Day 1)

So this is how it happens. One fine day you get called in to save the day. Not by riding on a black lustrous horse galloping to the rescue. But by treading carefully in the land of soft, cushiony and tiny baby fingers and toes. That is what happens when an ex-IT professional / writer/ mom of two little angels(most days)  becomes an expert at something she never imagined in her wildest, skydiving-in-the-alps mommy-dreams....more

The Mother Maria Free-er (I'm Writing About Underwear, Again!)

The Mother Maria Free-erPosted on October 4, 2014...more

I Need A Village, STAT

Leaving the house on the days I have both boys, without Nick, is somewhat of a Christmas miracle. With all of the planning that goes into just stepping out the door, I often wonder if it's worth it. It's ridiculous how many things have to be in order before we even get to the car.The car is a story for another day....more

Mrs. Fix-It (Not)

 My husband is really good at fixing things around the house. He's got all kinds of tools, screws, nails, nuts, and bolts....more

5 Reasons to Love this Long Winter

Apparently March has arrived. Huh.Looking out my window, everything as far as the eye can see is still covered with a thick layer of white stuff. And my foyer is a jumble of snow boots, hats and gloves. Don't even get me started on my banister. It's been stacked high with puffy parkas since November.This winter seems to be going on for-ever. (continued...)...more
I just found out the area I live in is supposed to have below average temperatures for the next ...more

My life sucks…according to Facebook

I received a text from my friend “Sue” the other day. She was upset that a mutual friend of ours was, “Kelly”, was wine tasting very near to where Sue lived, and did not call her to let her know. How did she find this out?...more

Dear Daughter, Yes you are going to school on Valentine’s Day

She has already asked if she can stay home.I asked why?She hates Valentine’s Day.She’s 14 and a freshman in high school.I so get it....more
I understand. I have two teenage daughters, and I know how hard this day is. They do not have ...more

Friends shouldn't let friends wear men's underpants and call it fashion.

Ever notice that certain songs can take you back three lives? That happened to me this morning. I was at the gym, puffing my way up to mile number two, when R.E.M.'s Perfect Circle came on (note: if you click link, you can actually UNDERSTAND Michael Stipe (I guess clarity comes with age, and much less partying)....more

If everyone followed this one piece of advice, the world would be a much better place!

People are afraid; afraid to show emotion, afraid to express an opinion, and afraid to get so wastedthat they'll accidentally say what's on their mind. It's a problem, and I've taken it upon myself to wave a green light at anyone willing to unleash the powers that be. What's the point in spending your life worrying about what other people think?...more

Four more cats and I would've been THAT girl!

I dated this guy once that tricked me into picking up his REAL date because he didn't have a car... That should've been my FIRST clue! Then there was the mystery date that showed up at my door dressed like a magician and holding a four pack of Budweiser (it was a long drive from the next block over)....more