Announcing: BlogHer ‘13 Newbie Networking Workshop & Conference Mentors

Each year, BlogHer welcomes newbies to the conference with a special breakfast and welcome to break the ice, get to know other people who are there for the first time, and to get acclimated before the hustle and bustle of the programming begins. This year we’ve got a few new additions to the newbie breakfast to help you get them most out of both that session, and the rest of the conference! ...more
Thank god for this list. I'm excited and nervous about the start of this conference that I've ...more

BlogHer Digital Collage Artist/Nature Photographer Newbie :)

I just joined the BlogHer community, and I'm looking forward to connecting with fellow artsy chicks.  I'm in my first year of really promoting my photography and digital collage art.  It's still a little overwhelming to try and be visible online and stand out... I'm hoping to learn from other artists who have been at it a while and learned what works, etc....more

Newbie, Newbie, Newbie!

I'm new. I'm figuring out all of the little things going on on this site. Can't wait to explore some more!! ...more

BlogHer Paparazzi

I'm not attending BlogHer 09 in Chicago. God how I wish I was. I'd love nothing better than a weekend away from the responsibilities of this family life I've chosen. Time with intelligent, talented, witty females whom I might be able to relate too. The freedom to have a few drinks and hang out without the 6am wake up call of a fussy baby. Yes I want to go, but I won't be going. Money, family obligations, mostly money will keep me from it. Anyone want to stow me away in their suitcase? ...more

I feel the same way.  Some day! Our time will come.


BlogHer '08 The Newbie (Mom's) Perspective

How can a four year veteran of BlogHer try to sum up the experience of BlogHer without having previous year's experiences come into play? Well, I can't really. Because one of my favorite things about the post BlogHerCon wrap ups are reading about it through the eyes of the new attendee. The woman who has never been before and shares what she thought of it. Because let me tell you this fact: Walking into a conference of 1,000 woman without ever having done so before can be overwhelming. (Even for those of us who have been doing this for years.) ...more

I had the most amazing time! I'm so glad that I ignored the clock on the wall that said it ...more

BlogHer '08: AnnouncingThe Newbie Mixer

Never been to a BlogHer Conference before? You're not alone. I mean, you're really not alone!  There will be lots of first-timers at the conference this year, so we thought it would be nice to set up a mixer just for you before the conference kicks-off. When: Thursday, July 17 Time: 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Where: Westin St. Francis  ...more

 Got my BlogHer '08 Newbie Mixer invite today.  After reading all the blog posts about ...more