Cruise Ship Overturns in Mediterranean Sea (Yikes)

I have a huge fear of cruise ships. I've been seasick aboard my parents sport fisher. I just can't imagine being stuck on a cruise ship for days seasick. But I finally found a cruise opportunity I couldn't turn down -- and I said yes. And this morning, woke up to the news that the cruise ship Costa Concordia capsized Friday night, killing five people. ...more
 @slsandlin yes, that's how i feel too.  the best vacation ever was in the Mediterranean!  I ...more

[06/20/08] BlogHer Conference Newsletter

This is a copy of the BlogHer Conference Newsletter. Sign up here to receive this newsletter via email. The clock is ticking. I know there are plenty of you who, for whatever reasons, end up waiting till the last minute to do things. So take it from the one sending out this week's newsletter on a Friday afternoon, now is the time to get on your BlogHer '08 plans! The conference is not sold out, but it's heading in that direction. See below to find out just how much time is left. ...more