So That Was BlogHer'12

So, that was BlogHer'12. I guess that sounds rather mundane, doesn't it? It would read oddly if I made the wow gigantic, bold and in red.What other choice of words can I use other than, wow? There are a huge string of words that I could choose to use here, yeah I have a couple of complaints but ya' know there isn't much that comes completely complaint free. Minor complaints in comparison to the amazing time I had....more

BlogHer 12: Soooo Under Control

I’m going to New York City in a few weeks.  It’s no biggie, really.  Just a blogging conference with approximately 3 billion zillion 4,500 other writers.  We’re going to talk about….well, stuff.  Writerly, blogging stuff.  So it’s totally under control, this trip.  I’m not nervous in the slightest.  Because it’s a very common occurence that I’m in a room with a billion zillion other women (and maybe even some dudes) who love live eat breathe pee sweat and bleed writing.Writing....more