The BlogHer ’13 Party Plan: Express Yourself on Friday, July 26th

Welcome to Part 2 of the BlogHer ’13 Party Plan. You can read all about Part 1, and our process for refreshing the Party Plan this year, here: Kicking Off on Thursday, July 25th....more
will there be one in nyc?more

BlogHer '10: Tips from a Party Animal

Now is about the time that all the parent-bloggers and women bloggers headed to NYC for BlogHer '10 (only three more weeks!) are starting to seriously attempt to unsnarl the conference's labyrinth of possibilities. I don't have experience with other conferences, but for this one there are actually TWO separate schedules that must be figured out.  First, there is the slew of fantastic sessions that you will want to attend. Second, there are so many parties going on that one can't possibly attend them all....more

Party Like a BlogStar: A Comprehensive List of BlogHer '09 Parties

Sure, sure. BlogHer sessions are generally awesome, and informative, and humorous and inspiring. You’ll undoubtedly leave the conference with a slew of new things to implement or try on your own site. Along the way, you’re certain to meet new friends. And BlogHer plans to help with that. We’ve got comprehensive details on EVERY open-invite party happening at BlogHer ’09 (and this post will be updated continuously, to keep you in the loop), so if you want the inside scoop on what events will be taking place during this summer’s hottest blogging conference, read on… ...more

A last minute addition... a little reception for Wednesday night. There are a few spaces ...more