A BlogHim @ BlogHer Pro

Do you feel comfortable here with all of these women.” Kaitlyn Wagner, a young copywriter from New York asked me....more

BlogHer PRO: What You've Been Blogging Since

It's hard to believe that BlogHer PRO was one week and one day ago! The day was jam-packed full of learning and fun which you can read through via our liveblogs. I have been following along with what you've been writing in the days since the conference and have shared a few of your thoughts and blog links here....more

BlogHer PRO: The Conference in Tweets!

BlogHer PRO is officially on record! The conference in San Fransisco today was an informative, inspirational day -- and our attendees were busy tweeting what was being said. I followed along to bring you some of the highlights from each panel. I encourage you to not only check out the tweets, but peruse the #BlogHerPRO hashtag on twitter and read all of the liveblogs. There's some information that you just simply can't miss!...more

BlogHer PRO Is Tomorrow: What You're Tweeting Now

BlogHer PRO is tomorrow! While our Events staff is busy making sure everything is perfect for you tomorrow, our attendees are chattering away on twitter, arriving at the hotel and generally readying themselves for what should be a great conference day. We've been following along with the conference chatter on twitter and wanted to bring you a highlight reel of what people are saying to get you even more excited for tomorrow's festivities. Here's what you're tweeting: Attendees are generally gearing up....more

Are You a Newbie Attending BlogHer PRO This Week?

BlogHer PRO is in two days, and as I was looking around the blogosphere to see what people are saying about the conference ahead of time, I noticed a small trend: Newbies! A number of the registered attendees for our December 13th conference are new to the blogging conference scene and are feeling like you might remember feeling for your first conference: excited, nervous and everything in between. I thought I'd share two of their posts so you might go wish them well....more
just curious.. what is the difference between the blogher pro and blogher conference?more

BlogHer PRO Interviews: Becoming a Sales Person

As we continue to pump you up for BlogHer PRO by bringing you interviews with our speakers, we turn to a very important point: As a professional blogger you’re not just a Chief Marketing Officer for your personal brand, you are also a sales person. If that thought makes you nervous, you might want to hit the Sales & Marketing Track, Life of a Sale panel. I asked the speakers one question to give you a taste of what you might expect: How did you learn the process/art of being a salesperson?...more

BlogHer PRO Interviews: How to Build Your Reputation

Editor's Note: Stay tuned for liveblogs and updates from today's BlogHer PRO Conference in San Francisco, Dec. 13! Meanwhile, read some words of wisdom from some of the conference speakers. -- Julie As the countdown to BlogHer PRO continues, we're bringing you interviews with our speakers to help you decide which panel to attend (or to help convince you to pick up a last minute ticket!). Yesterday we talked shop about vlogging and today we're discussing the importance of building your online reputation. Whether that's working with brands, the media or other bloggers, it's important! My whole question for the Building Your Reputation panel was this: Share just one bit of advice for how bloggers can grow their reputation. (Don't give away all the goods for your session, just one little teaser!)...more

BlogHer PRO Interviews: Why You Should Vlog

BlogHer PRO is less than two weeks away, and the Events team is getting so excited to bring you this new and fun conference. If you're undecided about which sessions to attend (check our agenda) or if you even should attend, we thought we'd bring you some interviews with our session speakers to give you a glimpse into what you might learn from each panel. I started with the Video track since we saw video take off in 2012. I asked this question about video blogging: Why should today's bloggers be doing video?...more

Your BlogHer PRO Mini Conference Guide

The BlogHer Events Team is excited to welcome you to our very first BlogHer PRO in just a few weeks! I’m particularly excited about the location for this event, because it’s not only in my hometown, but my neighborhood -- the beautiful and historic Nob Hill. Here are some tips and information to help you get here, and enjoy your time at the conference....more
Love San Francisco!! Lucky lucky girls!!more

Announcing the BlogHer PRO Agenda!

Four weeks ago, we officially added BlogHer PRO to the 2012 conference season, and today we are so excited to be able to share with you the preliminary agenda for this brand new BlogHer conference event!...more
I'm so excited to attend BlogHer PRO - my first! Looking forward to learning and making new ...more