Saturn and OnStar Saved The Day!

When Sam, Double Agent Girl and I stopped at a rest stop on the I-90 on the way to BlogHer Boston, the only thing on our minds was feeding baby Hudson, and making sure we got to BlogHer safely. We had seen an ambulance at the side of the highway a few minutes before we pulled over, but no real evidence of a car accident, and Sam intuitively said, "Maybe it was a heart attack." Unfortunately Sam was right.  ...more

My Darling,

I cannot tell you how much fun I had travelling with you and Sam this ...more

BlogHer Boston: Breastfeeding Optional

I can't tell you how freaking excited I am to be driving a Saturn Vue Hybrid to BlogHer Boston! Joining me are Amanda from Between the Crosshairs, Sam from Temporarily Me, and Sam's baby, Hudson. ...more

so what time is dinner?
cute video and even cuter kids. i have to agree the dog was ...more

BlogHer Reach Out Tour Contest: Bring a Beginner to BlogHer and save!

Now through September 12th BlogHer is running a new contest for BlogHer community members who bring a beginner to BlogHer's Reach Out Tour. Depending on the number of BlogHer Beginners you refer you can get registration discounts...up to a free pass...on your own registration for either the Tour or next year's annual event, and the grand prize winner will receive a free conference pass along with up to $500 in travel dollars for either the Tour or BlogHer '09. ...more

We've actually done the majority of our events on the West Coast, so this was our opportunity to ...more

Reach Out Tour Reminders!

If you're anything like me, you cannot believe it's going to be September already...which means that autumn really is right around the corner, with BlogHer's Reach Out Tour right along with it. (And also if you're anything like me, you also haven't begun packing for your vacation even though your plane leaves tomorrow morning at dawn. Ahem.) So before you head into the long Labor Day weekend for your final(ish) summer hurrahs, don't forget to make plans for BlogHer's Tour. We kick off in Boston in only 45 days! ...more

BlogHer Reach Out Tour: Call for Ideas and Coaches

it's that time again: Time to find the experts out in our community who want to pass along their hard-won expertise to their fellow bloggers. The Reach Out Tour is coming to a city near you in October...if you live near Boston, DC, Nashville, Greensboro, Atlanta or New Orleans...and we are looking for local experts and local color. Track #1: Blogging Basics ...more

Heh.  Nevermind....more

BlogHer Conference Site is Live, and Registration is Open, Open, Open

It gives me great pride and pleasure to announce that our new BlogHer Conferences section of the site is now open for business. Not only that, but registration is also open for both BlogHer Business this April 3/4 in New York and BlogHer '08 this July 18-20 in San Francisco. I'd like to particularly thank BlogHer's Community Manager Denise Tanton, BlogHer's Events & Marketing Manager Kristy Sammis, and BlogHer's Marketing Programs Coordinator Joy Johnson for working their butts off to make all of the above happen. ...more

Hi Corinna:

I just forwarded you the confirmation email we got when your registered,

Elisa ...more