BlogHer 11 Recap: Fallopian Tubes, Hotel Bed Olympics & S'Mores!

 I went to BlogHer 11, a blogging conference in San Diego.  The highlights:...more

Blogher 10 Party Recap: Part Two

I know, it is crazy that I wasn’t able to finish the party recap in one post, but even in my diminished state (because of work to be done at BlogHer) I still managed to hit a lot of great parties that demand to be dissected.Because that’s how I muthaf*ckin’ roll, people.Friday Addendum...more

BlogHer 10: Party Recap for Thursday and Friday

Okay, so after all my planning and advice-giving on getting the most out of your BlogHer experience through the power of organization, I thought it fair...more

Check your Tire Pressure Once a Month - BlogHer09 Swag

At BlogHer09 AskPatty will be giving away mini tire pressure gauge key rings to remind us all to "Check your Tire Pressure One a Month." Keeping your tires inflated properly helps retain the fuel economy, save money on rising gas prices and is a big safety issue during summer travel. ...more