BlogHer Voice of the Week: crib chronicles

Last week BlogHer featured a post on how to recognize the signs when someone is drowning in water. A wake-up call for many I've talked to (and for me) that we don't always know the signs. This week, we were completely drawn in as Bon from crib chronicles delved into the signs of an entirely different kind of drowning in her post "at the red light". ...more

Bon is always such an incredible writer. It's nice to see her honoured here.

Melissa ...more

BlogHer Voice of the Week:

There's nothing like a temper tantrum and a good cry to help a woman tesseract across space and time. In The yellow house across the street, kdiddy opens as her five-year old self, giving her mother hell on a hot August evening. The issue at hand? Having to take a bath. ...more

I love Kelly and I love this post. She is truly one of the most underrated writers in the blog ...more

BlogHer Voice of the Week: Joy in This Journey

This holiday weekend I got a little bit of what I suspect some of the rest of you did too: Talking to friends and family who just don't "get" blogging, let alone Twitter, Facebook and the like. Their questions go something like this: "Why?" "WHY?" And "who has the time?" And "who cares what anybody had for lunch?" ...more

I got chills down both arms when I read her reason for why she writes out her journey. And I'm ...more

BlogHer Voice of the Week: C.L. Minou of Tiger Beatdown

There's an old truism about domestic violence that I've heard make the rounds of volunteers and victims alike: Want to be ignored? Yell "rape!" Want people to run to your rescue? Yell "fire!" All too often, women who reach out for help find themselves under attack for asking. ...more

It's heartbreaking.

Jezebel also had a great post today (yesterday?) about the idea of men ...more

BlogHer Voice of the Week: Justine van der Leun of Good. Food. Stories.

Our BlogHer Voice of the Week, Justine van der Leun, guest-blogging on Good. Food. Stories., shares her story of culinary exploration in Italy in a post that takes a unique spin on a theme popularized in novels and memoirs like Eat Pray Love. But unlike other American heroines in expat memoirs who are freed of the constraints of their urban, tortured thinking by abandoning all semblance of their former lives (and inevitably falling in love), Justine's already in love; her decision to move to the Umbrian region of Italy is a matter of course in a deepening relationship. ...more

BlogHer Voice of the Week: 10% Fiction

Bloggers are storytellers. Sometimes they paint you a picture in fine detail, until you recognize every detail; you see it in your mind's eye. The context is clear; the subtext explained, and you know you've been there before yourself. Sometimes, though, you get just a rough names named, no motivations unearthed and examined. And yet a great storyteller can still convince you you've been there before yourself, even without all the gory detail. That's exactly what Carla Delvex from 10% Fiction does in her post, the breakdown of: friendship, and it's why we've named her the BlogHer Voice of the Week. ...more

I read your content Elisa and like it so much.Nice posting here. thanksmore

BlogHer Voice of the Week: Odd Time Signatures

In the past month, tens of thousands of barrels of oil gushed out of BP's broken Gulf of Mexico oil well to collide with, among other wildlife, news media that have changed dramatically since the Exxon Valdez oil spill horrified national television audiences in 1989. ...more

Each time a column falls by the wayside or a newspaper shuts down,I can't help but wonder: If ...more

BlogHer Voice of the Week: Angie of Home Grown

Sometimes a blog post can elevate your understanding of something you never thought about before. The writing doesn't need to be fancy; if it flows from the mind of a writer fully immersed in her subject it fascinates the reader. ...more

Thank you so much to the readers who nominated my post! It is so important to understand know ...more

BlogHer Voice of the Week: Is There Any Mommy Out There

Sometimes you read a story, and the appropriate reaction seems like it is perfectly clear, black and white, obvious, no gray areas here, thank you, none at all. ...more

BlogHer Voice of the Week: Postpartum Progress

Katherine Stone's post starts much like any mother writing about watching her eight-year-old learn to navigate school-yard politics: ...more

Congratulations Katherine - This recognition is well-deserved!! So many mothers are supported ...more