My thoughts on BlogHer07 on ZDNet

Hi all... I posted my thoughts on BlogHer07 at ZDNet BlogHer07: A 2.0 human community . Thought you might wish to read. E-Communications & Community Never let the urgent crowd out the important. ...more

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Fast Times @ ...more

Crafting a Community: Why We Do What We Do.

It is now two weeks post-BlogHer 07. The contact high created by the sheer energy of 800 women sharing face-to-face the ideas that they had previously only shared in text and photos is fading. I'm slipping back into the quiet; savoring the thoughts and ideas of women, many of whom I may never meet. ...more

I love to write. Anything. I started in junior high and haven't been able to stop. I can't write ...more

Confusing Personal with Professional at Blogher '07, OR the Root Word of Networking is WORK.

Although I have a category for blogging about blogging (I call it "Streaking the Quad") I try to use it sparingly. It quickly gets a little like like the kid on the cereal box holding a cereal box with a kid on the cereal box. Know what I mean? I said that last week's Blogher '07 wrap up post would be the last space given over to the conference on Notes to Self, and I meant it. But then I discovered that some conference attendees are hurting over the perception they were being overlooked or left out based on a social hierarchy. ...more

(Dude! I told you about crying in the bathroom in the strictest confidence!)

I think that you ...more

The Art of Food Blogging: The List

Story goes, when my grandfather was asked how to be addressed, he'd answer, "Call me anything you want, just don't call me late for supper." So here's the promised list of attendees at Blogher's food blogger panel The Art of Food Blogging, late but please, not late for supper. ...more

Thanks for the list, Alanna. Looks and sounds like it was a fantastic time. And thanks to Susan ...more

BlogHer Politics: Looking Ahead

First off, try this: Google “earn women’s votes.” BlogHer posts are the first three. What a great association for our community. As BlogHer's political director, I want to present Draft One of our BlogHer “Voter Manifesto” for your delectation and debate. What is the Manifesto? The BlogHer community has developed 12 questions they want each and every candidate running for president to answer. Below, I explain why our Manifesto is more than just a fun exercise. These questions are non-partisan. Every asker will need a different answer to be satisfied. The questions fall under four topics, which were voted most pressing by the BlogHer community. These topics are: Iraq Health Care Economic Future Environment and Global Warming ...more
Took a lot of time to read but I really found this very interesting and informative, thank you ...more

VEGAS, BABY? Where should BlogHer '08 be and more: Take the BlogHer '07 survey

It's here in all the excruciating (but mostly optional) detail you could ever want: The BlogHer '07 Post-Conference Survey. Can you skate by giving us your high level opinions on most aspects of the conference? Yes. Can you give your granular ratings and opinions on every single speaker and session you saw, on sponsors, on hotels? Yes. Can you take this survey even if you weren't there, because you'd like to give your feedback on what you hope we'll do in the future? Yes. ...more

Somewhere cool in the summer... Seattle, San Diego, Portland, Lake Tahoe, etc...


p.s. ...more

Blog Friends: Making Real Connections

An article appeared today in the Washington Post about an American University class assignment that forced the students to go on a 24-hour "media fast." This meant using no computers, video games, cell phones, mp3 players, or any other gadget for a day, for any purpose. Along with the loss of entertainment and immersion in information that accompany these tools, the students saw that it impacted their far-reaching social circles as well. ...more

There's a blog meetup website and there are 4 members in the Adelaide one which was founded very ...more

Get Inspired: It's Good For You

Whether you're single, married, or somewhere in-between, there are a lot of women out there who want to take care of their bodies. One woman who has succeeded in doing that is fitness expert Jillian Michaels. She spoke at an AOL Body-sponsored lunch event at last week's BlogHer '07, where she led a diet and fitness Q&A session. I put my name on the list the day before the event because I recognized her name; I thought it might be an interesting lunch diversion in-between the other sessions I would be attending. ...more

Thanks so much Zandria for putting all this together, I'm so glad to see it was such a positive ...more

The W. Lakeshore responded positively to feedback!

Many times when I travel I'll receive an email asking me to evaluate the service given. I received an email from the W. Lakeshore the day after I returned home and I wrote back with what I felt was constructive criticism as well as praise for what I liked. I enjoyed my stay at the W. Lakeshore. I slept like a baby in those beds. The rooms were a quiet getaway from a very busy week, I loved the two meals I had at The Wave, and even the club atmosphere of the lounge didn't bug me. ...more

Most of the time it seems like they don't pay attention. I love that they not only responded to ...more

Why BlogHer Should Not Support Curves Products

Did you know that the founder of Curves, Gary Heavin, supports anti-choice organizations like Operations Save America, pregnancy crisis centers, and abstinence-only sex ed programs? Did you know this? How do you feel NOW about Curves sponsoring BlogHer07? Read more and tell us how you feel! ...more