Recycling, Climate Change, & Blogher08

A week ago, Siel wrote a great post called De-Plasticking BlogHer 2009! in which she discusses all the plastic at Blogher08 and ways that the next Blogher conference could be even more eco-friendly. And right after the conference, I too blogged about the plastic waste at Blogher. ...more

I agree that using re-usables and compostables are the best way to go. It takes such emense ...more

BlogHer08 - who I met, what I ate

I just got back from the BlogHer08 conference in San Francisco and I gotta confess, I'm detoxing a bit. See, the problem is I can't resist sweets... and there were so many of them like these yummy cupcakes at just about every corner, so of course, I indulged... a lot! In fact, I was so preoccupied with the Mrs. Field's cookies during ...more

I actually left BlogHer thinking that that's the last time I let myself eat like that. The ...more

Is Twitter The Answer To Customer Service Woes?

Here is the tweet From Tracey Lee Wallace that got the attention of Comcast's digital detective, that got the attention of ABC News, that gave a bunch of people the idea that they should start complaining about their Comcast service on Twitter. "Damn Internet down in my house. Arrrrrgh. Can't fix until Thursday. Shoot me." ...more

I didn't get Twitter initially, but I get it now. I probably spend around 30 minutes/ day on the ...more

What I Learned at Blogher '08

I've been thinking long and hard about this Celebrity Rock Star Blogger thing. Just what constitutes "good enough" to hit the stratosphere in the Blogosphere? Why can certain bloggers post pictures of their shoes and end up with 120 comments when some bloggers pour their heart and soul into posts, and get little recognition or feedback? Most of those Rock Star Bloggers are really nice people. with just a few notable exceptions, mostly those who have bought into their own press. ...more

Gratitude for the BlogHer Community

It's been a few days now since returning from my first BlogHer conference and I am still thinking about how grateful I am to all of the people involved with BlogHer, particularly Lisa, Jory and Elisa for founding BlogHer. Nothing else compares to the annual BlogHer conference and, for that matter, nothing out on the blogosphere compares to this site. Thank you. ...more

Go With the Flow: Take Your Mom (and everyone else) to BlogHer

"Go with the flow, Laurie. Go with the flow. It works every time." So said my new friend Frances Ellen as we walked along Fisherman's Wharf, in the middle of a day where I was distinctly not following this directive for a variety of reasons, and she was nudging her daughter and my friend, BlogHer Health and Wellness contributing editor Catherine Morgan, to buy a tote bag in which, tote the conference swag back to Florida. ...more

Those folks are new to me so thanks for pointing them out. : ) ...more

Why BlogHer '08 is Different that Search Conferences

Being a search marketer, I was a bit taken aback by one marketer who basically "slammed" the BlogHer Conference. Lisa Barone, of Bruce Clay who also attened BlogHer '08, wrote a great post countering this negative posting by a male blogger. I felt that people in the search industry needed to also understand that this wasn't a SEARCH conference in any way, and it was completely different. Here's a piece from that blog post: ...more

I love that we got info on syndication, monetization, and basic searchability, but like I ...more

How We Communicate: FAQs for Beginning Bloggers

I just returned from BlogHer 2008 in San Franciso. I appeared on a panel with four other women called FAQs for Beginning Bloggers. Our panel was flat-out amazing. We met fantastic bloggers and answered many beginner questions. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to answer everyone's questions. ...more

One More Perspective on BlogHer08

soooooo many posts about BlogHer! I LOVE THEM!!! ...more

BlogHer08: The Second Life Experience

Britt Bravo is on a much-deserved vacation, so I'm stepping in for her on the Net Squared community blog.  Ever since Friday and Saturday when I participated in BlogHer08 in Second Life, I can't stop reflecting on all that I learned!  I posted some of my thoughts on the Net Squared blog (and wanted to share them with you as well). ...more